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Best “Grow Your Own” Books to read over the Holidays

With all the Holiday commotion what better time is there to escape for a few hours and indulge in one of your favorite subjects, Grow Your Own. These books cover almost all aspects of maintaining a healthy, organic, garden – indoors or out.

I know that I’m going to use my time off to catch up on the reading I don’t have time for while out in the garden or in the office. This is my personal list of books that I can’t wait to read. Not only will it give me insight into a few techniques I’m dying to learn, but I will also get to elude from the family chaos that is Christmas. 

So go grab a cup of hot cocoa and cozy up by the fire with one of these “Grow Your Own” gardening books.

The Organic Grow Book

by Karel Schelfhout & Mig

Le Bio Grow Book

This book is not only jam-packed with quality information that will turn it into your “go-to” gardening book and reference, but it also has the most beautiful illustrations. The Organic Grow Book is available in English, French, Dutch, and Spanish.

Where to buy

An Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Keeping Bees in Your Yard and Garden

By Kim Flottum

Backyard Beekeeper

Learn about setting up and caring for your colonies, including finding and deciding on the best location to place your new bee colonies; the most practical and nontoxic ways to care for your bees, problem-solving and treatments and harvesting the products of a beehive and collecting and using honey.

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Outdoor Performance Cannabis

by Dustin Fraser with contributions from Kyle L. Ladenburger

outdoor performance cannabis

Based in northern California’s famed “Emerald Triangle,” Dustin has perfected the idea of growing the cannabis plant into a “tree” with maximum yields and the highest quality harvest. 

Get your copy on Amazon today!

The Growers Guide: Organics

By Rich Hamilton

The Growers Guide

“Organics”, the third book in the Growers Guide series, is a comprehensive guide to growing indoors using a hand fed run to waste method that compromises of an entirely Organic feeding range and ethos. You will get clear, easy to follow instructions explaining every step of the process, along with dozens of colour photos, diagrams and a complete “shopping list” of products that you will need at the beginning of each chapter.

Available for £14.99 RRP in all good hydro stores or buy online now! Also on iBooks.

Composting for a New Generation

By Michelle Balz

composting for a new generation

This book includes tried-and-true composting methods and new, innovative techniques. You’ll learn the science of composting, traditional bin composting (including how-to sections on building your own bin), vermicomposting (with worms), composting with nature, keyhole gardens, organic composting, and using your finished compost.

Where to buyK

Kiss the Ground

by Josh Tickell

Kiss the Ground

In Kiss the Ground, Josh explains an incredible truth: by changing our diets to a soil-nourishing, regenerative agriculture diet, we can reverse global warming, harvest healthy, abundant food, and eliminate the poisonous substances that are harming our children, pets, bodies, and ultimately our planet.

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