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Like a lot of people ready to take up urban gardening, Jesse Herbert couldn’t find any hydroponic garden setup he would want in his apartment. The plastics and glues were troublesome, he wanted the best fresh healthy food possible. Then there was the stylishness issue. There are a selection of micro farms out there but most of them fall short in the decor department, which is a game changer when you need to maintain your crops in the living space of your compact home.

He decided if he was going to get what he wanted, he’d have to design it himself. He wanted to take advantage of all the sunlight coming in his windows, and needed something that would work without taking up any floor space. Injection molded plastic may be fine for some people, but he wanted something warmer – more natural. And he liked the idea of recycling resources already spent to do his part in reducing waste.

Now that the design is perfected, it’s product launching time for Elegant Farms, a vertical hydroponic garden that is warm and stylish looking, makes responsible use of recycled materials, and allows the urban gardener to grow fresh food hydroponically in less than a square foot space on a wall or in a window. Its just right for today’s city apartment dweller, though it will likely catch the interest of cafe owners, and even suburbanites for winter gardening.

Give your little urban farm plenty of sunshine or grow light, refill the oak barrel reservoir once a week, and the garden will produce fresh food year around. Why stop with one? You can put several in a small space and multiply your production. Before adding lighting it costs pennies a month to operate the system.

The Kickstarter campaign took off on Tuesday, Sept. 1st, giving early adopters the chance to reserve an all natural or vegan model. A vegan hydroponic garden? Yep. Grow totally healthy herbs, greens, and small fruiting plants without worrying about what the parts of your garden will add to your food.

Jesse and his design company, Oopsmart, are located in Canada, but you can get an Elegant Farm vertical hydroponic garden shipped anywhere in the world.

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