Easy Cacti To Grow: You Don’t Need A Green Thumb

I’ll admit that I’ve always figured a cactus would be pretty easy to grow and care for; I just thought that they don’t need much water and can live in the desert. How hard could it be to keep one alive, right? However, by that logic, it should also be pretty easy to make my dream of raising camels in my backyard a reality. With cacti, as with all plants, some are easier to take care of than others. And, unlike camels, cacti don’t spit.

growing cacti

Christmas Cactus

Although the poinsettia gets the most love during the holidays, the Christmas Cactus is an excellent (some may even say better) choice to decorate your home in preparation for the arrival of Jolly ol’ Saint Nick. This cactus likes to live near a window that gets lots of sunlight, and it requires a little more watering than other cacti. But it’s also forgiving should you be a bit late with the H2O.


Often referred to as “pincushion cactus”, the Mammillaria is a common breed of cacti. You’ve probably seen them in your local nursery, garden center, or even the plant section of some large grocery stores. Depending on the variety, they can either remain small or grow to be quite large – so make sure you know what you’re getting. Regardless of size, these cacti are very non-green-thumb-friendly. Give them plenty of sunlight and a nice, cool winter rest period, and sit back and enjoy these prickly, flowering succulents.


This cactus species goes by many different names, including Hedgehog Cactus, Sea-Urchin Cactus, Easter Lily Cactus, or The Domino Cactus. These are a great choice, not only for their easy-to-care-for nature but for their large and colorful flowers as well. As long as you let them rest in the wintertime, you should enjoy some beautiful and fragrant blooms throughout the spring and summer months.

Donkey’s Tail

The Donkey’s Tail is a cool-looking cactus that generally grows to about 10 centimeters in length – although it can take up to five years to get there. As with most cacti, this one also needs lots of warm sunlight – making a hanging basket in front of a south-facing window its ideal home. Assuming the temp in your house comfortable and not too humid, you should have a very happy Donkey’s Tail. And if you’re up for it, this cactus is relatively easy to propagate via its leaves.

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