Jesse Singer

Jesse grew up obsessed with movies and so it only makes sense that he graduated from McGill University with a degree in Political Science. He then put that degree to good use with a job at a video store. After that he spent months backpacking around Europe - a continent that he has been back to visit many times since. Jesse is super curious and loves to learn and explore new subjects. For the last 15+ years he has been writing online for a number of different sites and publications covering everything from film and television to website reviews, dating and culture, history, news and sports. He’s worn many hats - which is ironic because he actually loves wearing hats and he has many different ones.

60 Articles

Sleep Easy With These Plants Perfect For The Bedroom

Do you have any houseplants in your bedroom? These five plants look and smell good, clean the air, and are worthy of a spot on your nightside table!

5 Beneficial Bugs To Look For In Your Garden

Some bugs are beneficial! While checking for pests in the garden, watch for these beneficial bugs and welcome them to your space.

Safe And Humane Ways To Keep Animals Out Of The Garden

Wild animals can be a nuisance to home gardeners, but we love them anyway! Follow these easy tips and tricks for humanely keeping them away from your plants.

5 Low-Maintenance Fruit Trees For Your Garden

Imagine picking fruit from your own fruit trees. You can create a mini orchard in your garden with these 5 low-maintenance fruit trees!

Upcycled Planters Are Kind To The Planet, And Our Wallets

March 18th is Global Recycling Day, so we thought we’d offer tips on getting creative and upcycling everyday household items into beautiful planters!

Save Some Green At The Nursery With These Plant Shopping Tips

Feel like a kid in a candy store at your local greenhouse? Shopping for plants can be fun but pricey! Save some green with these shopping tips.

Rain Gardens Are A Climate-Friendly Solution To Heavy Downpours

Heavy downpours will only become more frequent, so why not consider building a climate-friendly rain garden? Jesse Singer offers some tips for getting started.

5 Insect Delicacies From Around The World

Is the future’s snack of choice a crispy bug? In some countries, you don’t need a crystal ball; the edible insect game is already going strong!

Peat: Should You Use It In The Garden?

It’s great for the gardens but maybe peat should be a thing of the past! Jesse Singer takes a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly in the peat industry.

Climate Action: Why Urban Areas Need To Plant More Trees

Trees do many wonderful things. Beyond cleaning the air we breathe, they can help lower temperatures in urban areas surrounded by hot concrete!

Canada Votes 2021: Where The Political Parties Stand On The Environment

Canada heads to the polls on Sept. 20th; one of the big issues in this election is the environment. Before casting your ballot, know where each party stands.

Incredible Discovery of Fungi Stored At The Millennium Seed Bank

With over 2 billion seeds from 40,000 species, the Millennium Seed Bank is impressive! Now, even more so, with the discovery of fungi inside many of the seeds.

Health Canada Wants To Know How You feel About More Glyphosate In Your Meals

Attention all Canadians: Health Canada wants to know how you feel about its proposal to increase the amount of glyphosate allowed on our food crops.

Floating Gardens: Old Trend Helping Improve Water Quality

Floating gardens are nothing new, but their benefits on water quality are just being discovered! Will we be seeing more of these “island gardens” soon?

Tips For Removing Weeds From The Garden

To celebrate National Weed Your Garden Day, we’ve put together some tips for getting rid of pesky weeds naturally and without breaking your back!

5 Brutal Garden Bugs And What To Do About Them

Some bugs are welcome in the garden, but others can destroy our plants and harvests! Here’s a look at five of the most brutal pests and how to control them.

How To Build A No-Work Garden

Does a no-work garden appeal to you? Read this guide for some tips on this growing method and learn more about the woman who popularized it, Ruth Stout.

Choose The Best Seedlings With These Tips

Are you heading to your local garden center for your seedlings soon? Before you go, read these tips for selecting the healthiest plants for your garden.