A New Leaf Allotment

East Sussex, United Kingdom

Harry and Ellie sound like a gardening dream team. Upon moving to a small flat with no garden, they decided to take on an allotment and try to alleviate the costs of groceries by growing their own. Harry’s building expertise matched Ellie’s experience growing veg (with help from Ellie’s mum, Tracy). While they say they didn’t build the allotment in a day, their first year of growing went exceptionally well. The key is patience, and their top tip is not to give up. While there were some weeks when they wondered why they were doing it, they persevered, and with the first harvests, it felt like the work was worth it. Ellie says they’re particularly proud of growing straw flowers this year. Growing from seed was easy; after harvest and drying, they now have colourful flowers all year round. “I can’t describe the satisfaction of having dinner knowing you have picked the produce from your own crop. Not only have we found it better than a gym membership, but we also enjoy being outdoors and spending time with each other”.

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Vegetable grower, natural beekeeper and edible spaces designer. Lover of all soil and urban farming techniques. Former head of growing at Incredible Aquagarden.