Mitch Grows

Saxmundham, Suffolk, United Kingdom

Gardening media nowadays is primarily dominated by women, but that doesn’t mean that the voices most worth listening to belong to the fair sex only. When the pandemic hit hard and forced London-based chef Mitch to close down his business, he took the opportunity to move to Suffolk and start a garden from scratch. He is establishing an organic, permaculture-based garden in his new home, using pre-industrial farming techniques (like solar-powered grass mowers, otherwise known as ponies).

Mitch’s passion for the natural world, ecology and horticulture has helped him find a new sense of belonging and peace. He’s sharing his journey through his Instagram, and more recently, BBC Radio Suffolk, where he updates us on the progress during the most intense six weeks of the growing season.

In his own words, “Creating my very own organic kitchen garden has been one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had. I feel more connected to the world than ever, and it has filled me with a sense of purpose and achievement. Above all, it’s helped me enter into an altered state of consciousness, a magical and spiritual place where I can truly experience the best of who I am”.

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Vegetable grower, natural beekeeper and edible spaces designer. Lover of all soil and urban farming techniques. Former head of growing at Incredible Aquagarden.