Issue 25: USA & Canada

The Balance Edition

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Garden Goals: Listening To Nature And Striking Balance

It’s time to get back to our roots and look to Mother Nature for answers. A thriving garden is all about finding balance. Cosmic Knot tells us how to do it.

To Prune Or Not To Prune? A Raging Debate In The Garden

Do you prune your plants? Or do you let them grow ‘au naturel’? It’s a topic that has sparked much debate in the world of horticulture. Where do you stand?

The Health And Medicinal Properties Of Common Garden Weeds

They are a nuisance in the garden, but many common weeds sure are good for the body! Some weeds are packed with nutrition and have many medicinal properties.

Extend Your Growing Season With A Climate Controlled Garden

Although 16 of the last 17 years are considered to have been the warmest since climate data was made available, the fact remains that winters in Canada and the northern United States are harsh.