Issue 44: USA & Canada

Big Garden, Small Space

Since I can remember, plants have been an essential and enjoyable part of my life. My grandmother had two green thumbs, and she knew how to make the most of the little light that her small Montreal apartment granted her. I admired her gardens, indoors and out. Now my kids marvel at the ones we have made and talk about the gardens they will one day create.

The problem? I want more, but I don’t have space. We make the most of our windows, balconies, and limited summer season, but the real trick is to have an indoor garden. If you are reading this, you probably know what I mean. The indoor grow room is the answer to all your gardening needs.

Space limitation always becomes an issue when you are an avid gardener. You need a veg space and a flowering room. What about clones and seedlings? What happens if some plants are sick or have bugs? Do you have a place to quarantine them? Perhaps you also want to grow mushrooms. Where can they go? Mine are in my daughter’s bedroom while she is off to college!

As a Canadian, the idea that I can grow anything in my grow room is fascinating. I can’t imagine life without a garden. This subject is at the core of what Garden Culture is all about. Our mission is to help you be better growers and to help teach people how to use their unique space as effectively and efficiently as possible.

This edition has some great articles, from tissue culture (part 3) and picking an air conditioner for small spaces to lighting, biodynamics, ferments, and so much more. We hope you love this edition as much as we do.

In this issue

Big Island Tea

Mauna Loa, Hawaii, United States

Eliah Halpenny and Dr. Cam Muir have recreated the environment to which tea is best adapted: a biodiverse forest on the NE slope of Mauna Loa volcano!

Alchemy Farm

Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada

Unwind to the sweet music made by the flowers at Alchemy Farm! This gorgeous flower garden in Salt Spring Island, BC, has something to please all the senses.

Elephant Garlic World

North Plains, Oregon, United States

Farmer Ken Haley is passionate about growing eco-friendly garlic. All bulbs grown at Elephant Garlic World are done so without any harmful chemicals.

Upcountry Farms

Amador County, California, United States

Self-taught and small-scale farmers making it work; meet Dan and Tori, the couple behind Upcountry Farms in Amador County, CA.

5 Cool Ways To Boost Productivity In Small Grow Rooms

You can definitely achieve big yields in small spaces! There are several things you can do to boost productivity in the grow room. Get started with our guide.

Tight On Space? Try These Small Food Garden Solutions

Urban food gardeners, rejoice! You can still grow your own food in small spaces. Anne Gibson offers tips and tricks for squeezing plants into tight areas.

Boosting Food Sovereignty And Community Growth With Food Forests

It’s small-scale food production following permaculture practices and can be done almost anywhere. Jennifer Cole explains the many benefits of food forests.