Local Growers Still Producing Fresh, Nutritious Food For Communities

One positive coming out of the coronavirus outbreak and resulting lockdown is people finding creative ways to get fresh food. Not wanting to face grocery stores, farmer’s markets are emerging as a local source of nutritious fruits and vegetables, and they’re making sure people have access to it.

Where I live, the local farmer’s market has stepped up to the plate in a big way. No longer able to meet the community every Friday in the center of town, they have created an online market almost overnight and deliver door to door weekly.

Buying local and fresh has never been more critical than it is right now, and people around the world are getting that. 

The Story Of A Local Grower

Amy Wright

In Leeds, Yorkshire, Amy Wright is the owner and producer of Nell’s Urban Greens, a city farm growing microgreens, micro shoots, and micro herbs. 

Garden Culture Magazine first introduced our readers to Amy in the Who’s Growing What Where section of our UK29 edition. 

Amy’s typical business model is to grow her organic produce in a greenhouse and deliver the goods to restaurants, farmer’s markets, street food trucks, as well as the local community.

An Unexpected Shift

Nells Urban Greens

But the spread of COVID-19 means Amy has had to adjust her way of doing business. 

Her original goals of sustainability, growing nutritious foods, and feeding the local population remain the same. Still, she lost two-thirds of her business overnight when the government recommended people avoid pubs, cafes, and restaurants.

Amy had spent three years building that customer base, and like so many small businesses, losing it was quite a blow. 

But when one door closes, another opens.

New Opportunities

The local organic farm Nell’s Urban Greens was already working with has seen the demand for their veg boxes skyrocket, so a large portion of her microgreens goes there. 

Amy is also now supplying the local community with her produce via weekly, no-contact deliveries. She recently sold a record number of tasty Sunny Micro Salad boxes! 

Nells Urban Greens

With a few quick adjustments, Amy has been able to keep her business going. She tells me she’s so happy to be still contributing to the food system in Leeds, especially in these uncertain times.

Nell’s Urban Greens is a shining example of how local vendors step up when we need them most.

Please support them in any way you can. 

For more features on local growers near you, visit our Who’s Growing What Where page. Know a farmer or gardener you think we should cover? Let us know at editor@gardenculturemagazine.com

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