Catherine Sherriffs

Editor at Garden Culture Magazine

Catherine is a Canadian award-winning journalist who worked as a reporter and news anchor in Montreal’s radio and television scene for 10 years. A graduate of Concordia University, she left the hustle and bustle of the business after starting a family. Now, she’s the editor and a writer for Garden Culture Magazine while also enjoying being a mom to her three young kids. Her interests include great food, gardening, fitness, animals, and anything outdoors.

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It’s Harvest Time! The Best Time To Pull Tomatoes From Their Vines

Is there a right time to harvest tomatoes? What about a perfect shade? You bet there is! Read all about the best time to pull tomatoes from their vines.

5 Cool Ways Gardening Experts Harvest Their Plants

Our garden crops are nearing harvest! How do you want to gather and preserve your homegrown produce? Here, the experts weigh in with some tips and tricks.

Hopping Mad! What To Do When Grasshoppers Move Into The Vegetable Garden

Grasshoppers are annoying garden pests, making quick work of beans, carrots, leafy greens, and even squash! Here are some tips for controlling them.

Hugelkultur Gardens: No-Dig, Less Work, And Great Yields

A gardening method that involves no digging and fights climate change? Hell, yes! Hugelkultur gardens store carbon and boost yields. Here’s how to build one.

5 Cool Ways To Boost Productivity In Small Grow Rooms

You can definitely achieve big yields in small spaces! There are several things you can do to boost productivity in the grow room. Get started with our guide.

How Gardeners Everywhere Can Celebrate Garden Days 2022

It’s the Year of the Garden, and some special activities are coming up where you can celebrate growing plants! Garden Days 2022 takes place from June 11-19.

Protecting Pollinators With The Dandelion Challenge

The world of gardening is full of positive movements, and the dandelion challenge is one of them! Let those yellow ‘weeds’ grow to help pollinating insects.

Seasonal Spotlight: Arugula Is The Perfect Springtime Green

Are you looking for a nutritious and delicious springtime green that won’t break the bank? Arugula fits the bill and is worthy of our seasonal spotlight!

5 Cool Ways To Jumpstart The Growing Season

Longing to get started in your outdoor garden? We’ve got you covered with some low-tech ways to help plants take advantage of the sun in the cooler seasons!

App Helping Small-Scale Farmers Fight Food Insecurity

Blockchain technology is helping small-scale farms and those struggling with food insecurity in Kenya. Catherine Sherriffs writes about an innovative solution.

Seasonal Spotlight: Lovely Leeks Offer Cold Weather Flavor

Looking for a delicious and nutritious veggie to add to your menu when the temperatures drop? This month, we’re shining the seasonal spotlight on leeks!

All You Need Is Love And Cut Flowers: How To Grow A Kindness Victory Garden

The world needs more love and positivity; a kindness victory garden is a good start! All you need is a little space and cut flowers to brighten someone’s day.

Jumping On The Regenerative Gardening Bandwagon: Q&A With Stephanie Rose

The Regenerative Garden is a new book guiding gardeners on how to easily achieve lush, productive gardens! We had a chat with author Stephanie Rose.

5 Cool Ways To Super Cropping Success

Super Cropping is a growing technique that involves stressing plants in various ways to achieve heavy yields in the garden. Read our 5 cool ways to super crop!

Making The Environment Happy With Low-Carbon Gardens

We know that growing plants is good for the environment; why not step up your game with a low-carbon garden? Get started with these tips and tricks!

Seasonal Spotlight: Beets A Delicious and Nutritious Cold Weather Food Crop

There are many benefits to seasonal eating, like nutrition, availability, and affordability! So what to eat in January? Beets are in our seasonal spotlight.

How To Propagate Spider Plants

Starting new spider plants is easy! All you need is good potting soil, some itsy bitsy spider babies, and this guide to create a houseplant haven.

The Rise Of Eco-Anxiety: How Can We Learn To Cope?

These days, climate-related headlines are never good, and more people are suffering from eco-anxiety as a result. But what exactly is it and how can we cope?

Good Reads That Will Make Your Thumb Greener And Your Holiday Brighter

T’is the season to slow down and enjoy family, friends, and maybe even some good books! This selection of reads just might make you a better gardener.

Green Tips For The Christmas Holidays And Beyond

Anyone in the mood for a local Christmas market? We sure are! This holiday season and beyond is all about supporting local and sustainability.