Catherine Sherriffs

Editor at Garden Culture Magazine

Catherine is a Canadian award-winning journalist who worked as a reporter and news anchor in Montreal’s radio and television scene for 10 years. A graduate of Concordia University, she left the hustle and bustle of the business after starting a family. Now, she’s the editor and a writer for Garden Culture Magazine while also enjoying being a mom to her three young kids. Her interests include great food, gardening, fitness, animals, and anything outdoors.

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Growing A Garden For The Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet is the king of 2024! Here’s how to grow a garden to make delicious and healthy Mediterranean-style meals with plenty of fresh veg.

Quick And Easy Ways To Identify, Prevent, and Solve Problems in the Garden

Growing a garden is fun but always comes with a few challenges. Here are some easy ways to identify, prevent, and solve common growing problems.

Moments Of Clarity: How Mushrooms Helped Heal A Former NHL Enforcer

After many injuries from playing in the NHL, enforcer Riley Cote turned to yoga, plant medicine, and mushrooms to heal, treat his anxiety, and find clarity.

Tiger Nuts: Grow Your Own

Interested in tiger nuts? This wholesome snack is harvested from the yellow nutsedge plant, which grows like a weed in most climates. Here’s how to do it.

Garden Travels: Quebec’s Reford Gardens Are Good For The Soul

Road Trip! Catherine Sherriffs and her family make the 11-hour trek from the Laurentians to the Gaspesie, making a pit stop at the breathtaking Reford Gardens.

Hey Trendsetter! Here’s What Gardeners Around The World Are Doing In 2024

Some exciting garden trends are on tap for 2024; are you ready? It’s all about eco-optimism as people look to make an impact in their communities and gardens.

Tips For Finding The Perfect Christmas Tree

Things To Consider When Searching For The Perfect Christmas Tree

The Dark Side Of Poinsettias And Awesome Alternatives For The Holidays

Call us crazy, but we think you should skip getting a poinsettia and deck your halls with these awesome houseplant alternatives this holiday season.

Celebrating World Soil Day

We know December’s busy, but we hope you’ll join us in celebrating World Soil Day! December 5th is about the importance of what goes on beneath our feet.

5 Cool Ways to Master the Art of Growing Indoors

Reading List: Garden Culture Recommends These Awesome Books About Growing Indoors

USDA Updates Plant Hardiness Zones For First Time In A Decade

Did Your Growing Zone Change? USDA Updates Its Plant Hardiness Zone Map

Trick or Treat? These Tricks For An Eco-Friendly Halloween Are A Real Treat!

Witches and goblins will soon haunt the streets, but the wasteful ways of Halloween are the real scare! Here are our tips for an eco-friendly celebration.

Classroom Aquaponics: Kids Gain Healthy Experience

Wouldn’t it be nice to see our kids learning about growing food in school? Aquaponics can incorporate this important life skill into the classroom!

5 Cool Ways To Light Up Your Indoor Growing Space

Ready to let your green thumb shine in your indoor growing space? You’ll need good lighting for that! Here are some ways to make that happen for your plants.

Chop-And-Drop: No-Waste, Less Work, Happy Gardeners, And Healthy Plants

The chop-and-drop method is a must in permaculture gardens! It’s no waste, little work, and uses healthy plant material for mulch and as a natural fertilizer.

Easy DIY: Mulching Is Essential To Climate-Friendly Gardening

Looking to be more climate-savvy? Mulching the garden is one of the best ways to check several environmental boxes. Here’s how to get it done cheaply.

My Summer Celebrating Monarch Butterfly Sightings With My Kids

Have you seen a monarch butterfly lately? Catherine Sherriffs writes about how finding this endangered species was a victory for her and the kids.

When Blooms Fade, Grab Your Spade! A Guide To Dividing Plants In The Fall

Almost ready to pack it in for another season? Not so fast! Now’s the perfect time to start dividing plants to keep the garden healthy and vibrant next year.

Preserving Mushrooms Helps You Enjoy Your Harvest Longer

Do you want to get the most out of your mushroom harvest? Our easy guide offers tips for preserving mushrooms so you enjoy this heathy food longer.

Rhubarb Leaves A Key Ingredient In This DIY Organic Pesticide Recipe

Rhubarb leaves are toxic to humans, but you can use them in the garden! This easy organic pesticide recipe will keep critters away from ornamental plants.