Catherine Sherriffs

Editor at Garden Culture Magazine

Catherine is a Canadian award-winning journalist who worked as a reporter and news anchor in Montreal’s radio and television scene for 10 years. A graduate of Concordia University, she left the hustle and bustle of the business after starting a family. Now, she’s the editor and a writer for Garden Culture Magazine while also enjoying being a mom to her three young kids. Her interests include great food, gardening, fitness, animals, and anything outdoors.

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How To Create Thermal Mass In The Garden

Do you have rocks on your property? Beyond looking good, they are great for... Heat! Read our guide on creating thermal mass in your garden.

I Spy Something Wild! Joining The Global City Nature Challenge

The Global City Nature Challenge is upon us! Your goal? To find wildlife in your city, snap a picture, and share it! Find out more today.

Plant A Sunflower (Or Two) For Guerrilla Garden Day!

International Guerrilla Garden Day encourages people to plant sunflowers around cities anytime before May 1st... Let's get planting!

Bombs Away! An Easy Guide To Making Seed Bombs

In honor of National Gardening Day, Garden Culture is making seed bombs! This clay-based recipe is easy to make and lots of fun for the whole family.

5 Cool Ways To Support Plants Through The Growth Cycles

Incredible gardens don’t just happen; plants need your support throughout their growth cycles so you can achieve ultimate quality and yields!

Seed Germination And The Three S’s: Stratification, Scarification, Soaking

It’s the time of year when seed germination becomes an obsession! Give your garden seeds their best shot at germination with these top tips.

Where Love Grows: Tito’s handmade vodka

Imagine feeding yourself and your family fresh produce every week at no cost? Catherine Sherriffs writes about a cool employee perk at Tito’s Handmade Vodka.

Celebrating Black Leadership And Growing Skills At Seattle’s Yes Farm

Operated by the Black Farmers Collective, Yes Farm strives to create a black-led, sovereign food system. Read more at Garden Culture online.

5 Cool Ways to Grow Mushrooms at Home

Thinking about growing delicious mushrooms at home? Of course, you are! Let’s get you started by choosing the right substrate for your mushroom-growing venture.

From Film Sets To Patios, Victory Garden LA Rewrites The Script

When the pandemic hit, LA-based commercial director Raul Fernandez built his wife two raised garden beds and posted pictures on Instagram. Little did he know he was about to launch a second career.

Unwind With These Books That Can Make The World (And Your Garden) A Better Place

Ready to chill out by the fire with some captivating gardening reads? We’ve been lucky enough to get our hands on these books, and think you’ll love them too!

5 Cool Ways To Beat The Heat In The Grow Room

Many plants love the heat, but your garden will suffer if temperatures get too hot! Follow these tips and tricks to avoid heat stress in your grow room.

COP15 Reaches Historic Agreement At UN Nature Summit In Montreal

We have a deal! After weeks of negotiations, a historic agreement has been reached at COP15 in Montreal. Here’s a rundown of what that means for the planet.

Spooky Plants And Halloween Horror In The Garden

Is there such a thing as spooky plants? You bet! In time for Halloween, we've made a list of greenery that'll send chills down your spine. Read it if you dare!

Deadheading: Another Fall Garden Chore Bites The Dust

There’s plenty to do in the garden in the fall; let us spare you a task! Waiting to deadhead and cut back perennials will do the local ecosystem a lot of good.

5 Cool Ways You Can Practice Regenerative Agriculture At Home

Anxious about climate change? We can all take small steps to help the planet. Try one or all of these regenerative growing techniques in your garden today!

It’s Harvest Time! The Best Time To Pull Tomatoes From Their Vines

Is there a right time to harvest tomatoes? What about a perfect shade? You bet there is! Read all about the best time to pull tomatoes from their vines.

5 Cool Ways Gardening Experts Harvest Their Plants

Our garden crops are nearing harvest! How do you want to gather and preserve your homegrown produce? Here, the experts weigh in with some tips and tricks.

Hopping Mad! What To Do When Grasshoppers Move Into The Vegetable Garden

Grasshoppers are annoying garden pests, making quick work of beans, carrots, leafy greens, and even squash! Here are some tips for controlling them.

Hugelkultur Gardens: No-Dig, Less Work, And Great Yields

A gardening method that involves no digging and fights climate change? Hell, yes! Hugelkultur gardens store carbon and boost yields. Here’s how to build one.