Shining A Virtual Spotlight As The World Goes Dark For Earth Hour 2021

Earth Hour 2021 is almost here, that one hour every year when we turn off all lights and non-essential electricity to show our support for our planet and our environment.  The event began in Sydney, Australia, in 2007. It has since spread across the world to thousands of cities and towns in over 180 countries. This year, the event takes place on March 27th between 8:30-9:30 pm (your local time).

A Very Important Year

This year will see world leaders come together in several key conferences and forums to set the environmental agenda for the next ten years.

Earth Hour 2021

So, while Earth Hour is always an important event and one that our planet needs and deserves, in 2021, our participation is crucial. We need to shine as large a spotlight as possible on the critical issues facing our world in the next decade and beyond.

This year, we need our leaders to talk about and come up with plans to curb climate change and protect biodiversity.

It’s a goal that should hit home with everyone as we continue to work our way slowly out of a worldwide pandemic.

There have been multiple scientific reports written suggesting that the lack of biodiversity is a critical factor in the probability of future pandemics. It’s just another example of how connected we all are to our planet and our environment and how we need to work together with it.

Virtual Spotlight

Besides the lights-out hour that is always part of the Earth Hour event across the world, this year’s event will also see the launching of the first-ever Earth Hour “Virtual Spotlight.”

To go along with the unique sight that is entire parts of the world going dark, this year, the organizers want to “create the same unmissable sight online so that the world sees our planet, the issues we face, and our place within it in a new light.” And just like turning off your lights, participating in the “Virtual Spotlight” is easy peasy.

On the night of March 27th, the Earth Hour organizers will be posting an important and must-watch video on their website and all their various social media platforms.

All we have to do is share it. DM it, post it on your wall, throw it up in your IG stories, Tweet it out to all your followers. Just share it.

Their goal is to make it the most-watched video in the world on that day, so let’s all make it happen. And wouldn’t it be nice for once if we, as a society, can “break the internet” with something that is actually important?

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