by Amber

Sometimes Obsession Is A Good Thing

There is a fine line between a consuming passion and obsession. If someone thinks your passion is weird or it holds no interest for them, they quickly label you obsessed. For anyone growing good food today, you definitely want to get your seed from someone who is that passionate about seeds. Not just from a business aspect, but the seeds themselves. Not only will this seed house go out of their way to hunt down the coolest and most unusual fruits and vegetables to grow, but they will be emphatic in demanding purity in their stock.

Heirloom seeds seem to be more colorful and interesting than new cultivars.For Jere Gettle from Baker Creek Heirloom Seed, that’s exactly what his life’s purpose is all about. The print catalog from Baker Creek is great reading material, chock full of all manner of oddities that the gardener in you will be eager to get your hands on. You just have to try these things out. It’s all part of the gardening scene – whether you’re doing it in the dirt out back or inside a grow room. An avid gardener since a young boy, it’s a natural that Gettle operates a wildly successful seed company with a retail location named, The Seed Bank in Petaluma, California. His Ozarks farm and headquarters is in Mansfield, Missouri where there is also a Baker Creek seed store along with a historic town that Jere and his wife, Emilee call a labor of love.

I came across this video interview on YouTube that Chow conducted. An interesting guy who is obsessed in a good way about great seeds.

Order a catalog so you’ll get the spring edition as soon as it’s in the mail at www.RareSeeds.com

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