Spread Some Cheer By Growing These Mood-Boosting Plants

In a recent study, researchers determined that the gift of flowers made women happier than other gifts of equal cost. And while this is a study that all men should take note of, I wanted to get more specific with this post (and gender-neutral). So, here are a few plants and flowers to have around the house that will help boost the mood of both the men and the women living there.

mood booster plants


A basil plant is an excellent thing to have around regardless of its mood-boosting abilities. Sauces, sandwiches, pizza; so many things are made better with a little fresh basil. But besides that, basil also contains a compound called linalool – which is a mood-enhancer.

Boston Fern & English Ivy

Both the Boston Fern and English Ivy are great natural air purifying plants. And having fewer toxins in the air you breathe can only help improve your health and your mood. Both plants, especially English Ivy, are easy to take care of, which is always a good thing.

Lily of the Valley, Sweet Pea, and Jasmine

Garden expert David Domoney created a fantastic exhibit at the 2015 Chelsea Flower Show. Using facial recognition software, he set out to determine the flowers that make people the happiest. And in order, the top three were: Lily of the Valley, Sweet Pea, and Jasmine.

The reasons were pretty much the same all around and had to do with the strong scents and the happy memories that they evoked from people’s lives and childhoods. Although, if you plan on growing Lily of the Valley – please know that they are very poisonous plants – so it’s probably best not to do so if you have small children!


Anyone who has a significant other who uses lavender shampoo already knows how pleasant the smell is and how one whiff of their freshly washed hair can cheer you right up. And while naturally lavender scented candles and oils can do the trick – nothing beats the real thing if you can get your hands on a lavender plant.


The beautiful colors and year-round blooming make orchids great to have around. Those who practice Feng Shui will also tell you that Orchids are good for increasing the positive energy in a room.


Whoever said we should “stop and smell the roses” was asking us to do too much. Allow me to quote another research study; this one was published in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology, which found that people who looked at roses (yup, just looked at them!) felt happier in their lives compared with other folks.

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