Time To Unwind: Must-Read Gardening Books

In my life BC (before children), I was a total bookworm. Along came the babies, and I traded my novels and coffee table books for a steady stream of reading material from Dr. Seuss. Whether you’re a parent or not, we’re all guilty of not taking enough time for ourselves. Make it one of your New Year’s resolutions to unwind with a good book. The following suggestions will benefit your soul and the garden. Happy reading!

No-Waste Kitchen Gardening

By Katie Elzer-Peters

No Waste Kitchen Gardening

I gave myself a real pat on the back this year for stepping up my compost game. By properly recycling my kitchen waste, I was able to significantly reduce our household garbage and create tons of ‘Black Gold’ for my gardens. That’s all good, but what if I told you that you could regrow your leftover greens, stalks, seeds, and more? This book is going to be my new go-to for reducing kitchen waste in our home. From shallots, tomatoes, lettuce, and peppers, to squash, leeks, avocados, and fresh herbs, this book has easy-to-read guides on regrowing fruits and veggies in soil or water.

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The Wellness Garden: Grow, Eat, and Walk Your Way to Better Health

By Shawna Coronado

The Wellness Garden

Living as holistically and naturally as possible is what we should all be striving for these days. This gorgeous book will help you get started! Rather than head directly to the men and women wearing white coats, this book teaches how gardening can help with chronic pain issues. Growing your fruits, vegetables, and flowers without a ton of physical strain is possible. There are also tips for gardening to reduce anxiety and depression, increasing gentle exercise, and ideas for what plants and herbs are more nutritious and beneficial to our bodies.

Find it here.

Vegetables Love Fowers: Companion Planting for Beauty and Bounty

By Lisa Mason Ziegler

Forget harmful chemicals to increase yields in the garden and keep pests away. You can do those things the natural way! This book will help you grow like a pro, making your yard the envy of everyone on the block. Planting vegetables and flowers together is one of the oldest ways of growing a healthy, vibrant garden. But there’s got to be a method to your madness and these chapters will guide you regarding which plants go best together in various climates. Also, you’ll learn how to build the most beautiful bouquet containing the wildflowers from your backyard.

Here you go.

Garden Builder: Plans and Instructions for 35 Projects You Can Make

By Joann Moser

Garden Builder

Whether you’ve got a bad back and need a standing, raised bed, need to find a way to keep the deer away from your tomato plants next summer or want to beautify your yard, there’s a DIY project for that. This is a must-read over the winter months, so you’re ready to get building early and make the most of your growing season. The project plans in this book all provide cut and tool lists, shopping lists, a construction diagram, step-by-step instructions, and a photo of the finished product. With this book by your side, you really can’t go wrong! It’s always exciting to plan for the upcoming growing season.

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She Sheds Style: Make Your Space Your Own

By Erika Kotite

She Sheds Style

If for nothing else, buy this book for your coffee table. From cover to cover, it’s downright gorgeous. You’ve heard of the ‘man cave,’ but now’s your chance to learn all about the ‘she shed.’ It’s an outbuilding that is renovated or redesigned to be an escape from our fast-paced lives. In the follow-up to her first book, She Sheds, author Erika Kotite offers advice on how to add your distinctive style to your space. From the modern and eclectic to rustic and shabby chic, there’s an inspiration for everyone on these pages. Even if you don’t have a shed, just looking at the pictures will make you happy.

Check it out.

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