Vertical Garden System with Some Great Points

Got an aversion to plastic? For some, natural materials like solid wood are more appealing. Whether for aesthetic value, or the refusal to further the interests of global oil wherever possible, the Triolife Plant Pyramid might be just the ticket. This vertical garden system is made of 100% solid cedar that is finished in it’s natural state. Designed in Norway, the no-tools-needed vertical garden system is built from lumber harvested in sustainably managed forests.

Natural Wood Vertical GardenThe triangular design is unique, as most tower-type planters are round. Getting all sides of a vertical garden in the sun isn’t easy, but the Triolife version removes all the guesswork. Just make sure that one point on the triangle is facing North, and your plants will all have access to the sun’s energy. Like all other such growing systems, the shadows cast by tall plants you add to the garden will change the available light distribution. No matter where you garden, taller plants always block the light from shorter ones unless you’ve planned your planting layout to put them all in the best possible spot.

One of the biggest problems with container gardening is larger plants, or those with exuberant root systems, have insufficient room to grow. Many times this can hamper their ability to perform, and with plastic containers the lack of air along the sidewalls causes plants to get root-bound pretty quickly. But Triolife has been designed in such a way that the center of the pyramid provides a place for root systems to stretch out and do what comes naturally. The result? Less plant stress, more access points to available moisture and fertilizer, and ultimately, a better harvest.

The compact footprint of the Triolife Pyramid makes it feasible to work nicely on a balcony or small patio, just as nicely as it will elsewhere in the yard for those with more outdoor space at their disposal. Available in the US, Canada, the manufacturer’s website shows plans to expand distribution into the UK and Europe, though currently no retailers show up in a Google search for these regions. The system comes in three sizes: 3 Tiers , 5 Tiers, and 7 Tiers, though it appears that the largest one is not stocked in North America. The 4″ pot root ball larger veggie starts and many flowering plants are sold in at garden centers and nurseries are about the largest that will fit into the tray.

  • 3 Tier gives you about 15 sq. ft. of garden on a 4 sq. ft. footprint. Unit dimensions: 35″L x 35″W x 24″H (88 x 88 x 60 cm).
  • 5 Tier gives you about 36 sq. ft. of garden on a 6.5 sq. ft. footprint. Unit dimensions: 47″L x 47″W x 47″H (120 x 120 x 100 cm).
  • 7 Tier gives you about 73 sq. ft. of garden on a 13 sq. ft. footprint. Unit dimensions: 59″L x 59″W x 53″H (150 x 150 x 135 cm).

A great solution to growing an abundance of herbs, greens, strawberries or vegetables in very little space. Google will point you to where you can buy your own Triolife vertical garden. It’s being sold on Amazon, and several other vendors in the US and Canada. Here’s the North American representatives’ Facebook page. Look how easy it is to put together!



Image courtesy of EarthEasy.com.

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