April 2013 | Garden Culture Magazine

Nutrient Values: Castings vs Guano

A lot of folks swear by the pooey goodness of tea made with worm castings or bat guano. Is there a difference in the nutrient value of worm poo versus bat droppings? That all depends. The secret lies in what they are eating. What goes in will at some point come out, and diet has a great deal to do with whether the composted manure in question will be good for nitrogen, potassium or phosphorus boosting. Forage animals will all have manures that are nitrogen rich, but worms and bats have a more varied diet. Commercial worm castings will all be...

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Can You Overdo Climate Control?

If there’s one place its good to be a control freak, its in the indoor garden. While it is possible to overdo something, its best to monitor environmental conditions constantly. Your harvest depends on it, so don’t approach climate control in the grow room in a haphazard fashion. If you’re growing food, you’ll go hungry and the cost of production won’t even come close to reasonable. A lot of newcomers to growing indoors go about exercising control with a one solution at a time method. This is usually due to budgetary constraints when they start out, or a misunderstanding...

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Modern Sprout: Sustainable Windowsill Hydro Gardening

Lots of people love the idea of growing their own food indoors in a controlled environment, but space is usually an issue and so is what your year around garden will do to the decor. A WindowFarm is awesome to be sure, but lacks that stylish look that most of us prefer to maintain in the public living rooms of our homes. That’s what drove Chicago apartment dwellers, Nick and Sarah from Modern Sprout to design their great looking windowsill garden planters. Plastic Dutch bucket systems, grow lights and all that tubing detracted from their city home and work...

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Reduce Your Water Footprint with Pucs

Everyone is concerned about the amount of available fresh water. The rant on the amount of water wasted on gardens and lawns has been raging for years, but no one is worried about the volume of fresh water wasted in the form of ice cubes. And waste it is too. Ice cubes are beyond unsustainable and their manufacture, storage and distribution eats up tons of energy. Ice is a given. Its doubtful most of us really ever think about how much water we waste as it melts away. Bagged ice for coolers definitely make a trip to the beach,...

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What Is Propagation?

The proper definition of propagation is ‘to spread or multiply’. To anyone who grows plants, indeed to the plants themselves, this is the means by which new plants are born. In Nature, plants propagate themselves to continue the species. To our cultivated minds this is where weeds come from in the yard or outdoor garden, literally springing up anywhere and always where we don’t want them. But those infiltrators wouldn’t be growing there if the perfect conditions for them to thrive wasn’t present. Growing food outdoors means propagating your garden with seed sown in rows and plant starts purchased...

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