Alan Creedon

Alan has worked in local food for over a decade and in that time has been involved in retail, wholesale and growing local produce. He is passionate about people working together and enjoys bringing his ideas into the world of veg. He lives in the West Yorkshire hills with his wife, daughter, (and a son soon to be!) dog and cat and loves walking in the hills, sleeping out in the woods, and having a dip in the river (but would sometimes prefer sleeping out in -3 than a dip in the river!). He will be publishing his first book this spring. He has recently qualified as a mindfulness teacher and has also trained as a nature connection guide. He likes to combine the philosophical with the practical.

7 Articles

The Secret To Creating And Maintaining Local Food Networks

Local food networks don’t just happen; they take time, effort, and a whole lot of patience. The secret to creating and maintaining them is conversation.

Learning About and Cultivating Patience In The Garden

Things in the garden can change overnight. You can go from nothing to something, or from success to failure. That’s why we need to cultivate patience.

Garden Crossroads: To Dig, Or Not To Dig? That Is The Question

No-dig gardening leads to thriving soil life, but what if you actually like digging? Read about one gardener’s struggles and how he’ll learn to love no-dig.

Breaking Down Barriers In Local Food Movements with Conversation

Let’s start a conversation! Local food movements are more important than ever, but to help them succeed and run smoothly, people need to talk.

Cultivating Positivity As The World Faces Climate, Health Challenges

The news is always bleak: we are facing climate and health crises, and it’s all our fault. Here are some tips on cultivating positivity in challenging times.

Getting Back To Our Roots With Local Food Movements

Local food movements are experiencing a significant boom, and it’s been long overdue. We need to keep the momentum going, and we all play a role!