Andrew Mills, Author at Garden Culture Magazine

The Rise of Garden Villages: Its effect on Housing and Outdoor Trends

The UK gardening industry is getting ready for a huge rise in new consumers, due to the government’s recent sign-off for the creation of 17 new garden villages and towns. With more than £7 million in funding and locations across the country chosen as bases for these large building projects, how will these new garden villages — which are new communities built on brownfield land — affect gardening trends and UK society?   The government’s stance on garden villages Perhaps seeing the garden village as a solution to the country’s housing issues, those in power are firmly behind the...

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How UK Gardens have altered their appearance over the years

With homes across Britain shrinking, there has been a knock-on effect also witnessed with our gardens. For instance, the homes of today across the country are half the size as those which were constructed in 1920. Meanwhile, the typical British garden was 163.2 metres squared as of 2013 — down quite considerably from 168 metres squared in 1983. According to figures from 2010, there are claims that more than two million British homes don’t even have gardens. It has also been predicted that 10.5 per cent of all homes in the country will not have a garden come 2020....

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