Dr Callie Seaman

I have been in the hydro industry for over 15 years, first working in the retail side providing technical advice, then moved into R&D, manufacturing and product development for brands such as Vita Link and Shogun. Currently, I am the formulation chemist at Aqua laboratories and work part-time as a post-doctorate researcher at Sheffield Hallam University. In 2017 I completed my Ph.D. thesis on the Investigation of nutrient solutions and other fertilizers for the hydroponic growth of plants and will graduate later this year. Both my Ph.D. and a first degree in Biomedical Sciences were done at Sheffield Hallam university part-time. During my Ph.D., I assisted in the setting up of Aqua laboratories and have always had a passion for science. I totally adore mushrooms and love anything todo with them.

6 Articles

Saving Your Harvest For Later: Water Activity And Food Preservation

It’s peak harvest season; time to talk food preservation! Dr. Callie Seaman discusses a technique that has revolutionized food safety.

Medicinal Plants And The Thorny Issue Of Mold

Growing plants can present some challenges; think mites, aphids, thrips, and more. In this article, Dr. Callie Seaman explores the issue of mold in a grow room.

Understanding Substrate Chemistry in Hydroponics Leads To Better Grows

You’ve got your hydroponic system, lights, and nutrients. But what do you know about the growing media? Dr. Callie Seaman helps us understand substrates.

Heavy Metals, Bioaccumulation, and Bioremediation

Heavy metals are polluting our environment and build up in the food chain. Dr. Callie Seaman writes about how plants are being put to use via bioremediation.

How Plants Produce Their Own Pest Control

Pests and diseases can be devastating to your beloved crops. But did you know plants can produce their own pest control? Dr. Callie Seaman tells us how.

Garden Tools: A Basic Introduction To Enzymes

Enzymes exist in all living things, including our gardens! Here’s a basic introduction to enzymes and what makes them tick, courtesy of Dr. Callie Seaman.