Regan Moran

Regan is a gardener, homesteader and ski bum living in the Laurentian mountains of Quebec, Canada and spends his time tending to Porcupine Experimental Forest Farm.

6 Articles

Keeping Ten Hens And A Rooster Happy Throughout The Winter

How do you keep ten hens and a rooster warm throughout the winter? Easy! Regan Moran offers tips on structure, bedding, and special treats to keep them happy.

Permaculture Diaries: Why Raising Chickens in the Forest is Best

Raising chickens is turning into a popular hobby as people look to become more sustainable. Regan Moran talks about why raising them in the forest is best.

Pesto an Awesome By-Product of Cover Cropping the Garden

We know cover crops are essential to a thriving organic garden and healthy soil, but did you know they can also yield plenty of pesto? We’ll tell you how.

Neighborhood Arcs: Garden Farming and Resiliency

Wouldn’t it be nice if our neighborhoods included a series of small garden farms? Building a local economy builds fertility, connections, and resiliency.

Permaculture Projects And The Crucial Art Of Communication

Not everything will go exactly as planned in the garden. Don’t stress! Regan Moran tells us about his permaculture food forest that took on a life of its own.

An Introduction To Permaculture: Observing The Land

Permaculture offers a sustainable and holistic approach to farming. Working with nature, one farmer shares his experience and says observing the land is key.