Tom Wall

Growing up on a deer farm located on 79 acres of land along the banks of one of Lake Michigan's tributaries, Tom grew a love for nature and all the beauties it could hold. Through that passion Tom has channeled his influences into educating the community on sustainable agriculture, becoming an activist, writing for magazines and creating music tuned to nature in his band Cosmic Knot.

6 Articles

New Holiday Tradition: Potted Christmas Conifers

Forget cutting down a Christmas tree or putting up a fake. We’ve got a new holiday tradition for you: eco-friendly potted conifers! Cosmic Knot explains.

Garden, Time, Observation: Three Keys To Successful Cannabis Breeding

It may seem intimidating, but cannabis breeding is not as challenging as it looks. All you need is a garden, time, some plants, and this easy 101 guide!

Garden Goals: Listening To Nature And Striking Balance

It’s time to get back to our roots and look to Mother Nature for answers. A thriving garden is all about finding balance. Cosmic Knot tells us how to do it.

Music: A Universal Language That Even Plants Love

We already know that plants are living things, but do they also respond to music? Research has found that just like us, plants enjoy and even play a good tune!

Environmental Wake-Up Call: Getting Back To Our Roots

Let’s turn the world back into a garden again. In this week’s featured article, Cosmic Knot makes a plea to recognize nature as a source of true happiness.