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Music: A Universal Language That Even Plants Love

Plants are fascinating, to say the least. They are living, breathing columns of water, elements, and gasses, and they are responsible for converting the sun’s energy into a usable form. Their function is one of the most primary known to the existence of life. We regard them as vital to our survival, but do you ever take the time to wonder if they are conscious?  

In the past, plants were at the forefront of medicine. Through various wild herbs, roots and beyond, cures were discovered for many ailments. 

Plants Above Technology

Here we are, in the 21st century. Technology is everywhere, and science is moving toward things that, years ago, would have seemed esoteric. We are working toward finding new dimensions and how the deepest realms of space work, yet we’re not even sure what is in the deepest parts of the ocean. We can’t discern how to perfect the mind and body of man or animal, and we sure don’t know the inner workings of the forest as we should. Why go so far out, when we need to go in? It’s all one in the grand scheme of the cosmos, and if we tap into that energy, we might open doors to a new world of information.  

sound in silence

There are places around the globe that look beyond the veil and see life in all its subtle forms. These communities know the importance of the winds, the rains, and the energetic ether’s that permeate all around us. One such place is Damanhur. Founded in Italy, the people of Damanhur believe plants, like people and animals, are conscious, living, breathing entities and they can learn. Most would scoff at this idea and render it absurd, but not so fast.

Musical Plants

Based on the idea that plants are conscious, people have administered anaesthesia to plants and put them into an actual state of sleep. People have also developed machines that can allow plants to make music. 

The plant music machine consists of two electrodes and a converter box. One wire is attached to the leaf, and the other near the base of the roots. Once connected, the plants begin to emit sound through the machine. The gadget measures the electronic impulses of the plant and converts them into a midi signal. The effect can be quite different from plant to plant and can be quite beautiful, as the music flows in patterns humans aren’t used to hearing. 

Furthermore, when music is played to the connected plant, it adapts to the patterns and begins to play along. If the plant is disturbed too much, it will stop playing music. Once it’s comfortable again, the tunes restart.  

What Makes Nature Tick?

It seems there is a world of life existing beyond our level of perception. To move forward into a harmonious future, it is fundamental that we get a grasp of what is going on in nature and what makes life work. If we overlook this, how can we ever expect to rise above our current living situation? 

We are pushing deeper into space and farther into technology, yet right here, all around us, there is something lurking that could shake the scientific community to its core. It’s time to open our eyes, ears, and minds, so we can begin to understand that much like us, the plant kingdom is conscious.

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