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WATER: The Universal Hydroponics Solution

Like all life on Earth, water is the cornerstone of a plant’s survival. In hydroponics, the water is the vehicle used to carry the nutrients, making them available for the roots to take in. With this in mind, it becomes obvious that water quality is paramount to a hydro-gardener’s success.

The Chef Grows – Kitchen Microgreens Farm

Thanks to chefs like Alice Waters and John Ash in California, the “Farm to Table” movement has seen exponential growth in restaurants across the country in recent years. The philosophy of farm to table is a simple one, based on restaurants using locally grown, seasonal ingredients on their menus.

Life—All Inclusive

The Looming Spectre of 21st Century Facism. Could the right to grow food be secretly sold out from under you? All too easily if no one is paying attention.

Extinct Foods

In the course of the last ten thousand years the human diet has changed dramatically. Slowly, but surely, we have changed from the famous hunter gatherers into farmers.

Plant Breeding & Genetics

That offspring resemble each other is a fact that has been well known for ages. In the past, differences were attributed to superstition and supernatural powers. But scientist Gregor Mendel discovered in the 19th century that these differences can be explained, and can even be mathematically predicted.

Indoor Garden Efficiency

Waste is a bad word in the twenty-first century. We need to focus on efficiency – not just in the vehicle we drive or appliances and electronics we buy, but in everything we use and do.

Biodynamic Gardening: Perfect Soil Balance

Think about it, some of the most important things regarding the evaluation of a garden and the food it produces cannot be observed. The majority of people don’t imagine that the soil is alive and teaming with beneficial microbes because they can’t see them. Most think microbes are for hand sanitizer or antibiotics.

Mycorrhizae: Fungi, Molasses & Rock Phosphate

Many plants go through a juvenile stage where they sharply increase in size before shifting their energy into flowering and fruiting. The size plants reach during this stage has an impact on how much harvest they produce.

Carbon Dioxide: CO2 In Plants

There are a couple of things that plants can’t live without. Carbon dioxide is one of these substances. It’s a gas, commonly found in the atmosphere. Although it isn’t as common as oxygen and nitrogen, which make up around 99% of the atmosphere’s volume, carbon dioxide is still relatively common. 

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