Edibles, Education, Innovation, And Pride At Lift&Co Cannabis Expo

There was a certain energy at the Lift&Co Cannabis Expo in Toronto, Canada this weekend: one of great excitement and anticipation. There has never been a more interesting time in the industry. In the first edition since legalization, the expo opened the doors to a whole new type of consumer. The Garden Culture team was there to take it all in.

The Canadian Cannabis Destination

If you don’t already know, Lift&Co is the largest cannabis consumer and industry event in Canada, featuring over 250 exhibitors from around the world and 150 expert speakers. It’s an opportunity to be educated on the latest news and technology in the industry, and also get a sneak peek at what’s coming down the pipeline.

There is something for everyone at the event; from long-time cannabis users, sophisticated growers, and businesses, to occasional users and those new to the world of cannabis. People of all adult ages, genders, and cultural backgrounds were in attendance, connected by curiosity or a passion for the plant.

The Latest And Greatest

The expo offers an opportunity to learn about what products are moving and shaking the industry. Grow tents, high tech lighting, fans, foliar and odour sprays from many different brands were all on display, along with simple things like carrying cases, rolling papers, grinders, health and wellness products, various edibles, and so much more.

Amid all the browsing (and collecting of free samples!), consumers and industry experts alike were invited to various talks on topics such as cannabis investing, medical cannabis, sexual pleasure and health, parenting and cannabis, and the future of cannabis beverages.

Hill Street Beverages

Did you know that by 2025, it’s expected that the #1 way cannabis will be consumed is through drinks? Move over alcohol! Fascinating stuff.

Edibles And Education

But the underlying theme at this year’s event seemed to be all about the edible market, which will become legal on October 17th and is an attractive option for Canadians who don’t want to smoke.

Featured speakers gave demonstrations on how to bake or cook with cannabis (think cookies, brownies, gummies, energy bars, and even chicken noodle soup), but spoke about the importance of education and making sure the dosing is just right.

Edibles Demo

The idea is to avoid any bad experiences with edibles that will scare people away from consuming it ever again. Cannabis is, after all, five times stronger when ingested, and so understanding dosing is essential. Garden Culture Magazine will have a full feature on the edibles market in the next issue, so be sure to keep an eye out for that!

Proud To Be Canadian

Education aside, there was an enormous sense of pride at the expo from all of those involved in the industry; growers and users ranging from novice to expert feeling happy to be a part of this blossoming business, relieved that their voices are finally being heard.

Sure, there is a lot of anticipation and anxiety surrounding the tight regulations the Canadian government has imposed on the industry. But most of all, the vibe was one of deep satisfaction and fulfilment.

Cannabis Cooking Company

Joshua Tuck of the Cannabis Cooking Company spoke at the expo about how his mother used to flush his weed down the toilet when he was younger; now she stands behind him and the business he and his girlfriend started with pride.

We’ve come a long way.     

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