Agnieszka Jotejko, Leaf an Impression

Blackpool, United Kingdom

Some of you may be familiar with Aggi’s friendly voice, heard at the end of the phone line at Mills Nutrients. However, I didn’t know until recently that she has an impressive collection of house plants that glow with green splendour. As a fellow Polish native, I related when Aggi said she couldn’t remember when she wasn’t interested in plants. Polish people take plants seriously. For Aggi, the indoor journey started when she moved during the pandemic and suddenly found herself without any outdoor space. Having plants inside was an easy and inexpensive way to bring nature indoors. Starting with the most common species, such as pothos and spider plants, she expanded the collection to several aroids, which are now her favourite. The key to getting great plants is participating in plant swaps locally and via traditional mail routes. Aggi prefers small plants so she can nurture them to perfection, watching how each node produces a beautiful leaf. Indoor plants require a lot of maintenance, and whilst for some, this may be a bit of a chore, for Aggi, it’s a chance to experiment with different mediums and nutrients. 

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