Farm It Forward

Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia

Farm It Forward is an inspiring social enterprise that connects Blue Mountains landowners with local young people interested in growing food regeneratively. In exchange for leasing their land, landowners receive a weekly food box of organic vegetables, grown on their property or other lands in the project.

They are visited weekly by working groups of young, aspiring farmers to establish and maintain organic food production and enhance cross-generational connections. Regular supportive social contact addresses loneliness and anxiety, adds value to isolated people’s lives and gives purpose and meaningful employment to the young growers. After a year in the program, they have the confidence to start their own farms. Farm It Forward is a blueprint for restoring soils, tackling social isolation, creating local employment and growing connected, resilient communities.

All excess produce is sold to local cafes, restaurants and the local food co-operatives which support the project including Lyttleton Gardens and Lyttleton Stores.

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Anne Gibson

Speaker, author and urban garden community educator.

Anne Gibson, The Micro Gardener, is a speaker, author and urban garden community educator on the Sunshine Coast, in Queensland, Australia. Anne is passionate about inspiring people to improve health and wellbeing, by growing nutrient-dense food gardens in creative containers and small spaces. Anne regularly presents workshops, speaks at sustainable living events, coaches private clients and teaches community education classes about organic gardening and ways to live sustainably. She has authored several eBooks and gardening guides. Anne shares organic gardening tips and tutorials to save time, money and energy on her popular website.