Anne Gibson

Speaker, author and urban garden community educator.

Anne Gibson, The Micro Gardener, is a speaker, author and urban garden community educator on the Sunshine Coast, in Queensland, Australia. Anne is passionate about inspiring people to improve health and wellbeing, by growing nutrient-dense food gardens in creative containers and small spaces. Anne regularly presents workshops, speaks at sustainable living events, coaches private clients and teaches community education classes about organic gardening and ways to live sustainably. She has authored several eBooks and gardening guides. Anne shares organic gardening tips and tutorials to save time, money and energy on her popular website.

25 Articles

Crop Shading: Using Shade Cloths for Veggie Gardens

Take steps to protect your crops from sunburn and heat stress. Anne Gibson explains that home gardeners can get better harvests using tools like shade cloth.

A Guide To Terrace Gardening

Living on a hillside has its perks but can make gardening challenging! Anne Gibson guides us through building terrace gardens on sloping properties.

Growing a Pharmacy Garden for Home Remedies

There’s a wealth of health in the garden! Anne Gibson guides us through selecting medicinal plants to grow a pharmacy garden for home remedies.

Tips For Balancing Your Soil’s pH

Do you know your soil pH? Many common garden problems are caused by pH imbalances; Anne Gibson offers her tips for getting it right.

Strategies for Gardening with Climate Change

Changing weather conditions can make growing food a challenge. But there’s hope! Anne Gibson offers tips for gardening with climate change.

Budget-Friendly Ways To Grow Food

It’s all about eating well, living sustainably, and saving money these days. Anne Gibson has budget-friendly tips for growing food in your kitchen all year!

Garden Advice: Ways to Feed your Plants Naturally

Are you looking for ways to boost your plants without nasty chemicals and other synthetic products? Anne Gibson offers advice on feeding your plants naturally.

Tight On Space? Try These Small Food Garden Solutions

Urban food gardeners, rejoice! You can still grow your own food in small spaces. Anne Gibson offers tips and tricks for squeezing plants into tight areas.

Keeping It Simple With These Low-Tech Gardening Hacks

Do you need technology for great garden yields? Anne Gibson doesn’t think so! In this article, she connects with nature using a few low-tech gardening hacks.

How To Choose The Right Containers For Growing Food

Container gardening is the perfect solution for growing food in small spaces! Anne Gibson offers advice on selecting the right pots to get the job done.

Tips And Tricks To Fertilizing The Home Garden

Feed the soil and your plants will reward you! Fertilizing the garden is essential for healthy growth but also needs to be done after harvest.

Biodiverse Gardens Improve Pollination, Harvests, and Pest Control

Biodiverse gardens do more than just improve pollination, harvests, and pest control. Anne Gibson explains how they benefit nature and humans alike.

Fight Pests, Diseases, and Improve Soil Health with Vermicast

Gardener or farmer, we should all be striving to build healthy soils! Anne Gibson talks about vermicast, free fertilizer, and fighting pests and diseases.

Growing A Garden For Health and Well-Being

Gardens are beautiful and can be a food source, but they’re so much more than that. Anne Gibson teaches us about the many joys a wellness garden can bring.

Beneficial Insects: Why We Need Them In Our Gardens

Beneficial insect populations are decreasing at an alarming rate. But as gardeners, we can take action to help them and ensure our food security. Here’s how.

An Expert Guide To Growing Food In Small Spaces

Everybody wants to be a little more self-sustainable these days. Even if you don’t have a lot of space, you can grow delicious and nutritious food! Here’s how.