Issue 26: USA & Canada

Living Soil

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Grow Aztec Ancestral Veggies In Your Garden

Who says you have to live in the extreme heat to grow exotic plants in the garden? Feel like you’re in another part of the world by growing Aztec veggies!

Easy Ways To Create A Bee-Friendly Garden

It’s no secret they need our help; creating a welcome space for the bees in the garden is essential to their survival. We can help you get started!

Protecting Your Eyes From Grow Room Light

Grow lights might be good for your plants, but they’re terrible for your eyes. Follow our guide to choosing a good pair of horticultural glasses.

Medicinal Weeds: Stinging Nettle

It hurts when you touch it, but stinging nettle is great for the body. Don’t banish the weed from the garden; take advantage of its many health benefits!