Issue 37: USA & Canada

Pest Control

It doesn’t matter if this is your first outdoor vegetable garden, indoor grow, or if you manage a giant commercial facility; bugs and plant diseases can be equally devastating and challenging to treat. 

This edition is packed with articles to help you stay bug and disease-free. In Why IPM is the Secret Solution to Your Gardening Success, Colin Bell explains what integrated pest management is and why he thinks it is so crucial. In How Plants Produce Their Own Pest Control, Dr Callie Seaman exposes the tip of the iceberg as we learn more about how plants defend themselves.

A healthy garden is your first defence. Soil amenders like worm castings can have a considerable impact on your plants. In Fighting Pests, Diseases, and Improving Soil Health with Vermicast, Anne Gibson digs deep into the subject.  

The year 2020 brought so many issues facing our planet to light. So much has changed in such a short time. What will happen when things have truly “re-opened”? Everest Fernandez gives us a lot to think about as he questions freedom and the sincerity of billionaires in Reset This! 

Happy reading!

In this issue

Why IPM is the Secret Solution to Your Gardening Success

The more you use insecticides, the less they work to keep plants bug-free. Colin Bell talks integrated pest management and why it’s crucial to a healthy garden.

Rock Steady Farm & Flowers

Millerton, New York, USA

LGBTQAI+ owned and run, Rock Steady Farm & Flowers in Millerton, NY, offers a safe space for people of all races, genders, and sexual orientations to thrive.

Three Acre Farm

Byron Center, Michigan, USA

Three Acre Farm in Byron Center, MI wants everyone to experience the many joys flowers bring. A U-Pick Flower Garden helps make that possible.


Montreal, Quebec, Canada

BunkerGreens is a start-up in Montreal that’s tackling a shortage in the supply of locally-grown greens by delivering them from a basement to your dinner plate!

Pfenning’s Organic Farms

New Hamburg, Ontario, Canada

Pfenning’s Organic Farms grows vegetables, grains, and legumes on close to 700 acres of land in New Hamburg. Healthy soil, healthy plants, healthy people.