Three Acre Farm

Byron Center, Michigan, USA

Flowers evoke feelings of peace, happiness, and calm for those lucky enough to be surrounded by them. Lori and John Hernandez want everyone to experience the many joys flowers bring and open Three Acre Farm to the general public every growing season. The farm is a labor of love; the couple starts the flowers from seed in their home’s basement every spring, moving the seedlings out only once it warms up.

Between raising her young family and tending to the flower fields, Lori’s days are full, but she wouldn’t have it any other way. She is a former art teacher and uses her experience to help people find their inner florist. A few times a week, the U-Pick Flower Garden is open to visitors. Customers are invited to come equipped with clean vases and clippers and are guided on cutting stems and arranging them into something breathtaking. With more than 100 different types of flowers and foliage growing on the farm, there is something to please anybody’s taste.

A self-serve farm stand runs from July through October, where customers obey the honor system and select beautiful pre-made bouquets or single stems. The farm also hosts courses for those wishing to learn about harvesting flowers and how to help them last longer in a vase. Online classes are also available for anyone looking to create their own cut-flower backyard paradise. But above all else, the Hernandez family wants you to fall in love with flowers and enjoy everything they offer.  

Flower power.

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