Pfenning’s Organic Farms

New Hamburg, Ontario, Canada

Pfenning’s Organic Farms grows a variety of vegetables, grains, and legumes on close to 700 acres of land. Operating in New Hamburg for nearly 40 years, respecting the environment and nurturing the soil is at the heart of everything the farm does. Pfenning’s philosophy on farming is “healthy soil, healthy plants, healthy people.”

Their dedication to soil-building results in delicious, nutrient-dense produce available across Ontario (and beyond) through grocery stores, restaurants, caterers, juice companies, and more. Pfenning’s takes a community-based approach to farming and partners with many other local organic growers to pack their food and get it to market. While their focus is local first, Pfenning’s also runs an international import program to provide crops that are not available locally or out of season.

The farm is a busy hive of activity, even when the fields are sleeping.  Affectionately referred to as “Pfamily,” the team at Pfenning’s consists of a core group of full-time locals and seasonal teams made up of locals, students, and Jamaican migrant workers.  Pfenning’s goals are simple: to produce the healthiest and safest food they can while also considering the impacts of their actions on future generations and the environment. 

Respecting people and the environment.

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