Issue 51: USA & Canada

You Know When You Grow

I love experimenting in the garden. Outdoors, I play around with different soil amenders, compost teas, and the occasional ferment. But mostly, I let nature do her thing and hope for good weather. Indoors, where the weather is always perfect, I get a little more adventurous. My indoor gardens have almost always been fed mineral-based nutrients, and I have tried them all. Some brands have fewer products or work cleaner in my systems, but all work well with an experienced grower.  

One indoor growing technique that has always eluded me was organic regenerative. I tried three or four times unsuccessfully and eventually returned to what I know works. But this spring, I attended the Growup Conference in Alberta, Canada, where I had the chance to meet Leighton Morrison and sisters Lindsay and Sarah Dawson. In different ways, they have been very successful growing organically indoors. The Dawsons haven’t changed the soil in their garden beds for six years! I was so inspired that I ran out and built horizontal beds under the guidance of Av Singh. The beds are filled with rocks, sand, silt, clay, and organic matter, all sourced from the Laurentians where I live. You can read all about it in the article “Downstairs At Eric’s – A Regenerative Reno.”  It’s been two months since planting, and so far, so good! 

This edition has two articles from industry champion Everest Fernandez. Rockwool is super popular with commercial growers but has had a falling off with hobbyists. Find out what makes this substrate stand out in ”Rockwool—Substrate Super Omnes!” and why you should probably give it a try (again). In the article “Nutrient Lockout in Hydroponics – Less Mulder, More Scully,” Everest helps us understand why it happens and how to avoid it.

As we continue to explore all that is mushrooms, Philip McIntosh covers “What’s In A Spore Syringe?” and “Mushroom Mating Types.” 

Becoming a better grower is directly linked to what you know. Never stop learning.

Happy Growing


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