BioTabs – Starter Pack

A complete organic fertilisation kit for the vegetative phase for five to ten plants.

Administer to an organic "light-mix" substrate and create a living soil in the pot with micro-organisms that will perfectly meet the nutritional needs of your plants and keep them healthy and vigorous.

Once prepared, this BioTabs Super Soil requires no more than watering to produce healthy plants bursting with fruits and flowers and organic crops full of aroma and flavour.

Each Starter Pack contains:

- Bactrex (25g): Beneficial soil bacteria
- Mycotrex (50g): Mycorrhizal fungi
- BioTabs (10tabs): Time-release fertiliser tablets
- Orgatrex (0.25L): Liquid organic fertiliser
- Startrex (250g): Soil improver
- BioTabs Growing Manual

Less work, more organic yield - let nature take care of everything!

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