Introducing ChitoSal from MIIM Horticulture, a natural way to enhance plant growth and product quality with two powerful plant effectors; oligochitosan and salicin.

ChitoSal has been carefully formulated using the latest scientific understanding of plant biology to trigger dramatic plant responses. By incorporating ChitoSal into any growing program, cultivators can activate two separate and complementary plant defense pathways, setting off a cascade response within the plant and leading to several beneficial physiological responses. As a result, growers can achieve amazing results with as little as five applications.

Effective with soil, supersoil, Rock wool, coco coir, expanded clay pellets, deep water culture, and all hydroponic and conventional systems. Compatible with any nutrient program and growing system, ChitoSal gives growers an exciting new tool to elevate cannabinoid levels, enhance terpene profiles, and increase trichome and resin production.

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