Integra Boost® Terpene Essentials

Boost® Terpene Essentials line includes some of the most popular isolates in the industry: linalool, limonene, myrcene, pinene, and terpinolene. Using the trusted, salt-free, non-toxic, plant-based humidity control formula, Integra has added botanically sourced terpenes to the packs. These packs have a dual purpose: to incorporate flavour and sensory-enhancing botanical terpenes into your herbal products and to regulate humidity.

Unlike the regular Integra Boost® packs, the Boost® Terpene Essentials line will alter the aromas and flavours of your product that absorb and infuse the terpene. Each pack contains their patented, plant-based, 2-way humidity control formula and a terpene isolate. As the contents within the container absorb and let out moisture to maintain an ideal RH level, it will simultaneously infuse the terpene’s specific aroma and flavour.

Simply place your herbal product and the Integra Boost® Terpene Essentials pack in an airtight container and seal. The initial terpene infusion occurs over 24 - 72 hours. After infusing your product for up to 72 hours, replace it with a classic Boost® pack in 55% RH or 62% RH to preserve the infused flavour and long-term freshness.
You can re-use the Boost® Terpene Essentials pack up to three times! After infusion, make sure to store it in a sealed container or its original pouch.

Boost® Terpene Essentials are available in 4 g and 67 g sizes.

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