Limpuro ShipShape Disinfectant & Grow Tent Cleaner

An All-Purpose Disinfectant Cleaner From One Love Inc.

Designed to use on all areas of your growing room, Limpuro is specially formulated to be kind to delicate surfaces like tent fabric. Maintaining your grow tent with Limpuro will not crack or degrade the material. Containing no formaldehyde and fully self-drying, Limpuro eliminates the need for towelling your tent down after cleaning and can be thoroughly worked into corners and crevasses for complete peace of mind. A highly effective cleaner for use after harvest, ensuring a safe start for your next crop.

Limpuro also eliminates nasty odours and replaces them with a neutral, fresh-smelling fragrance that will not taint your plants. This superb quality disinfectant should be used on all areas of your grow room, including tools, boards, knives, shears and scissors, as well as pots, lamps and tent surfaces.

Limpuro ShipShape is available now in all good hydro stores.

One Love Inc.