LUMii BLACK Blade 400w LED

A cool-running, efficient plate-format LED grow lighting fixture. With a full, balanced spectrum 3500K white light and 660nm red light from 64 Osram chips and PPF 1040┬Ámol/s, the LUMii BLACK Blade 400w LED is ideal for the whole plant life cycle.

The 2-panel, adjustable design allows a closed arrangement of 50.5cm x 61cm, or an open arrangement of 50.5cm x 74cm, with a 15cm central gap. The fixture allows the attachment of a LUMii Black Bar 30w UV/FR LED between the plates to provide UV and Far-Red light if required. The manually dimmable integral driver is controllable externally, and an array of fixtures may be linked to the same controller via the RJ12 connector or jack plug. CE/UKCA compliant.

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