Plant Mechanics SuperSi

The Latest Evolution in Hydroponic Nutrient Technology

Utilising advanced Dutch chemistry and agronomic research, this powerful composite uses specialised, ultra-soluble nano-particulate silicic acid compounds. The result for your garden? Robust vegetative growth, shorter internodal spacing, and healthier, heavy flowering plants with increased floral density. SuperSi is a highly concentrated mono-silicic acid available to modern farmers. Made from premium Dutch components, a specialised blending technique is used to produce Mono Silicic Acid, enabling higher silicate absorption without negatively influencing pH. Faster acting and more efficient than potassium silicate formulas.

Silicon increases defence mechanisms against pest and disease, encourages stronger stem and leaf cell growth, shorter internodal positioning, improved resistance to heat, drought and cold stress while also providing significantly larger fruit and floral growth. Add SuperSi to any existing nutrient regime in any garden. Works with coco, peat, Rockwool, or recirculating, water-based, or run-to-waste systems.

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