The Source Fertiliser

For plant nutrition in its purest form, go to the Source. It’s a simple concept—clean, highly concentrated fertilisers for effective, efficient performance.

- Gro
Gro’s all-natural, specially selected ingredients provide a very responsive nutritional regime for all plant types in the veg stage.

- Flo
Readily available for uptake, Flo provides the exact NPK required for a solid start from bloom to harvest.

- Alluvium PK Stimulator
Formulated with a rich, high-purity phosphorus and potassium content, Alluvium encourages flowering and produces fruit of unrivalled taste and size.

- Delta Boost Stimulator
For use in all stages for increased plant mass and improved plant health.

- Elements CalMag Stimulator Plus
Optimises photosynthesis and cellular reproduction, which helps to drive nutrient uptake.

- Origin Root Stimulator
Conditions the rhizosphere into a fully functional environment, stimulating exceptionally absorptive root structures.

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