From the makers of “Phresh” and “Hyperfan” comes a new name in top-end ventilation products. Good ventilation will extract hot, stale, CO2-depleted, humid air from your grow room while pulling fresh air full of CO2 in. With fans, silenced fans, and carbon filters in various sizes, U-Go has the solution for whatever your grow room needs.

U-Go fans come packed with features to make your life easier and your yields bigger. That is the U-Go difference.

• Detachable, fully variable digital twin fan speed controller in every fan box
• High fan efficiency at 7.85 CFM per WATT
• High linear airflow output
• High static pressure output
• Robust steel housing and Abec 7 ball bearings
• 0-10V controller compatible VIA RJ9 or RJ11 cable
• Four fan sizes ranging from 6" to 12.5."

Distributed by Creation Wholesale.

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