November 2014 | Garden Culture Magazine

Farmer Brown: From Pro to Hoe

Fame and fortune isn’t everything, though it’s lure draws many young people to seek a future a long way from a sleepy town or farming. For Jason Brown, trading in NFL stardom for living off the land is the most natural thing in the world. His career change decision shocked pro-football. His agent thought he was making a huge mistake, but Brown wanted more from life. The game plan at Jason’s First Fruits Farm is anything but ordinary, and a far cry from lowly. That’s what CBS news anchor, Steve Hartman uses to describe the former St. Louis linebacker… a...

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Grove: Kitchen Garden Indoors

It’s a lovely idea, growing fresh food right there in the kitchen, but for most people the concept looses their interest unless the indoor garden’s design is aesthetically pleasing. Cobbling something together with totes, Ikea stuff, and garbage cans is great when you have a basement or closet to hide it in. And while we have numerous options for a little fresh herb garden on the counter, or under it, there isn’t much selection in systems that can provide you with a steady supply of fresh lettuce and tomatoes worthy of becoming a kitchen asset. Grove decided it was time to...

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Urban Gardening With Vertical Aquaponics

The latest new compact aquaponic system to arrive on the market seems to think so, and the team at Lettuce Evolve does have a point. The options you have for growing food in challenging circumstances have come a long, long way, and continue to improve. So, what’s the scoop on the latest arrival for indoor gardening? Back in 2011, the first system designed by this Dallas area company appeared on Kickstarter seeking $25,000 in start up funds. The campaign was unsuccessful, and seasoned aquaponics growers had grave doubts about the viability of the tower irrigating system. With good reason...

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Most people would agree that vitamins are expensive to buy. But you’ve been told you need them to stay healthy, which is odd, because 90% of those vitamins and minerals are synthetic isolates. You’d be much better off growing your own, because the truth is that the so called “health supplement” industry makes all of these supposedly awesome for your health products from petroleum and sugar derivatives. And you were worried about chemical additives in processed foods? Granted, multivitamins with iron are small things taken once a day, but you aren’t doing yourself any favors here at all, not...

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World’s Best Tall Building

The incredible vertical gardens, indoor gardens, and super green sustainability designed into the mixed-use building at One Central Park in downtown Sydney received a multiple nods from the global skyscraper critics and their peers this week. The development was named Best Tall Building Worldwide 2014 by the Council on Tall Building and Urban Habitat (CTBUH). Even without the gardens on the exterior walls, the grounds and inside many areas of the buildings, the buildings are beautiful, but 35,000 plants that have about a year to grow enhance it’s attractiveness. The judges were blown away at the use of sustainable and highly...

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