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Aqualibrium: Sleek Urban Aquaponics Garden

Ultra modern styling that city dwellers will have no problem placing in any room makes the new Aqualibrium aquaponic garden on Kickstarter a crowd pleaser. The partners call it the future of food, and futuristic it is thanks to the vision of their designer, who tapped into the architectural concepts of Jacque Fresco for inspiration. The result is sexy, and meets one requirement Josh Rittenburger had in the first stages of plotting this entrepreneurial venture with partners Ben-Yam Barshi and Jared Kasner.

Built with a strong educational component already in place, the Aqualibrium team has helped build self-sustaining aquaponics systems in some of Haiti’s poorest communities, helping the people of those communities develop a locally-sourced, abundant supply of fresh produce and fish. The company vision includes expanding these educational programs into schools and other local communities around the world.

The goal was to create a self-sustaining way that anyone could produce their own food regardless of space limitations. The closed loop ecosystem unit can be run as either a hydroponic or aquaponic garden. It is enclosed to protect the fish and plants from house pets, and arrives already assembled. With a footprint of only 2 square feet, even the most compact apartment can easily accommodate one Aqualibrium unit. The garden dome is outfitted with LED grow lights that use no more electricity than a table lamp. It isn’t a counter top model, and stands 4 feet tall.

Clean, Sleek Aqualibrium Grow Bed

One of the coolest looking indoor gardening concepts to hit Kickstarter yet, it isn’t surprising to see that only 10 days into the funding period the guys have gathered over 50% of their goal. It’s not just based on looks though, the number of people who want to take growing fresh food into their own hands year around no matter where they live is rapidly increasing. The actual aim that brought about the creation of Aqualibrium resonates loudly with the ever enlarging good food movement crowd.

Founded in 2012… with a strong vision to help address climate change, resource self-sustainability and allow the people of the world to have access to an abundant, quality supply of food.

… created to help people in urban environments have the power and freedom to take charge of their own food production needs.

Once they get production rolling, the Aqualibrium team wants to focus more heavily on expanding their educational program used in Haiti into schools and other communities around the world. Two thumbs up, y’all. Learn more about this aquaponics garden system and the partners in the video below.

Ready to pledge? Head over to the Aqualibrium Kickstarter page – but get there before October 23rd when the funding period ends. If you miss it, watch their website for the ability to order a futuristic hydroponic-aquaponic indoor garden of your own at: www.aqualibrium. com.

Images courtesy of Aqualibrium.

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