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The Stench Of Power: Making Comfrey Tea

It’s easy to make but be warned; it’s stinky! Martyna Krol gives us the ins and outs of comfrey tea, the ultimate organic drink for your gardens.

The Secret To Creating And Maintaining Local Food Networks

Local food networks don’t just happen; they take time, effort, and a whole lot of patience. The secret to creating and maintaining them is conversation.

Good Cultural Practices In The Garden

Take some time to reflect on this growing season’s garden. Did you follow good cultural practices? These steps will take your crops to the next level.

Biodiverse Gardens Improve Pollination, Harvests, and Pest Control

Biodiverse gardens do more than just improve pollination, harvests, and pest control. Anne Gibson explains how they benefit nature and humans alike.

Tower Farming Technology Doing A World of Good

You may not love garden gadgets, but tech can help us grow a lot of food with less water and space! Tower farming is a viable alternative to growing in soil.

Canada Votes 2021: Where The Political Parties Stand On The Environment

Canada heads to the polls on Sept. 20th; one of the big issues in this election is the environment. Before casting your ballot, know where each party stands.

Revolution is a Dirty Business: Two Women’s Journey Reshaping AgriCULTURE

Regenerative agriculture is deeply connected to soil health. Joanna Berg writes about her experience starting and running a soil test company in Humboldt.

Reusable Takeout Containers Could Help Reduce Plastic Waste Produced By Restaurants

There’s no doubt the world is facing a major plastic problem. Could reusable takeout containers in the restaurant scene help? One pilot project thinks so!

Is Organic Certification Worth It For Small Scale Farmers?

“It’s the people who spray the chemicals on their food that should have to label it!” We’ve all heard this …

When It Rains, It Pours! How To Cope With Too Much Moisture In The Garden

Drought can be a major issue in the garden, but so is too much moisture. Cody J. Garrett-Tait helps us protect our plants from becoming water-logged.

Incredible Discovery of Fungi Stored At The Millennium Seed Bank

With over 2 billion seeds from 40,000 species, the Millennium Seed Bank is impressive! Now, even more so, with the discovery of fungi inside many of the seeds.

Be More Zen By Taking A Dip Into The Forest Bathing Experience

Feeling stressed? Consider forest bathing! This Japanese practice offers many health benefits. All you need are some trees, the sun, and some peace and quiet.

Could Regenerative Agriculture Be the Answer to Climate Change?

We can’t continue farming following conventional practices. Rich Hamilton looks at regenerative agriculture and how it might help mitigate climate change.

Humpty Doo Barramundi

Humpty Doo Barramundi harvests about 3000 tonnes of fish every year, delivering it fresh and twice-weekly year-round.

Pollination And Chill Keep Berries Rolling Throughout The Winter

Berry season has come and gone… or has it? Did you know you can move berry containers indoors for continued harvests throughout the winter? Here’s how to do it.

Three Springs Farm

Three Springs Farm has gone from a run-down paddock to a thriving certified organic farm specialising in turmeric. Food is medicine!

Health Canada Wants To Know How You feel About More Glyphosate In Your Meals

Attention all Canadians: Health Canada wants to know how you feel about its proposal to increase the amount of glyphosate allowed on our food crops.

Ainslie Urban Farm

On a quarter-acre block in Canberra, Ainslie Urban Farm grows delicious and healthy microgreens for local restaurants.

The Case For Calcium: Why It’s Essential To Your Garden

We know NPK is essential to plants, but did you know that calcium can help them better absorb these nutrients? Cody J. Garrett-Tait makes the case for calcium.

A Thriving Urban Balcony Garden Offers Entertainment, Education, and Hope

The global pandemic has sparked a newfound interest in plants and food crops. Here’s how one urban gardener has spent the last 16 months on her city balcony.

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