Adam Clarke

Adam has provided planning and design services for cannabis and hemp cultivation and processing facilities over the last seven years with Stratus. His projects involve outdoor cultivation, indoor cultivation, drying, processing, extraction, storage, bottling and packaging, and more. Living on a hobby farm, Adam loves all plants, including flowers, vegetables, and microgreens, but is most passionate about hemp and is in awe of the fast-growing plant and all of the benefits it offers to humans and the environment alike.

3 Articles

How Mono-Silicic Acid Can Change Your Grow For The Better

Take a look beneath the soil with Adam Clarke as he deviates from his comfort zone and offers mono-silicic acid to his grow. You won’t believe what happens!

A Grower’s Guide To Cost-Effective Crop Nuisance Control

Every serious grower needs cost-effective nuisance control for their crops. In this article, Adam Clarke tells us about his experience with hypochlorous acid.