Caroline Rivard

A therapist and healer for over 15 years, Caroline’s passion for medicinal plants only began after leaving the city for the quiet country life in Quebec, Canada. Eager to learn, she’s never looked back, using forests and wildflower fields as her classroom ever since. In a time where reconnecting with plants and nature is badly needed, she spreads her love for herbalism by holding teaching workshops about the powers of medicinal herbs and natural remedies.

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Grow Lavender For Its Many Wonderful Medicinal Properties

Lavender is known for helping people feel calm and relaxed, but as Caroline Rivard writes, these gorgeous purple flowers offer so many health benefits!

Wild Strawberries: Medicinal Weed and Superfood

Did you know there’s more to wild strawberries than meets the eye? Caroline Rivard gives us the scoop on this amazing medicinal weed and superfood.

Rosemary: A Culinary Gem and Flavourful Herbal Medicine

You’ve probably cooked with rosemary before, but did you know this culinary herb also packs a medicinal punch? Caroline Rivard gives us the scoop!

Foraging For Wild Medicinal Mushrooms

Many people think most wild mushrooms are poisonous, but that’s not the case! Caroline Rivard tells us about some of the best medicinal mushrooms out there.

Comfrey In The Garden: A Powerful Medicinal Weed

You might think it’s just a humble-looking weed, but finding comfrey in the garden is a bonus! Caroline Rivard explains why medicinal growers love it.

The Medicinal Benefits Of Wild Raspberries

Caroline Rivard is back with another installment in her medicinal weeds series. This time, she looks at the many benefits associated with wild raspberries.

Foraging Medicinal Plants Throughout The Winter

There still might be snow on the ground, but that doesn’t mean we can’t forage medicinal plants! Follow our guide for what’s available and where to look.

Edible Weeds: Including Chickweed In Your Fall Harvest

The summer veggie patch may be put to bed, but there’s still much to harvest. Chickweed grows in the wild and is as delicious as it is nutritious!

Medicinal Weeds: The Many Benefits Of Wild Violets

Interested in jumping into the world of plant foraging? Wild violets are a great start. These tasty ‘weeds’ are nutritious, delicious, and medicinal to boot!

Medicinal Weeds: The Many Virtues Of Mullein

You can find it along roadsides or in open fields; mullein is a common weed that many of us know but don’t appreciate for its various medicinal properties.

Edible Weeds: Purslane Packs A Nutritious Punch

Weeding the garden isn’t the most enjoyable job, but what if you look at it more like a harvest? Edible weeds grow everywhere, and purslane is one of them!

Mugwort: A Magical and Medicinal Weed

Mugwort has used for centuries for its many medicinal properties. This perennial plant is an ally to women and also helps soothe sore and achy muscles.

The Mighty Burdock Weed: A Cornucopia of Virtues

While some call it a pesky garden weed, burdock has many medicinal properties. It supports vital organs, including the skin, and boosts the metabolism!

Dandelions: Medicinal Weeds of Gold

Many property owners despise them, but dandelions serve many purposes. Beyond attracting pollinators to our gardens, they are a wonderful medicinal ally!

Plantain: The Overlooked Medicinal Weed

No matter where you live in the world, chances are the plantain weed grows nearby. Use it to your advantage! Plantain is a safe and natural medicine.

Medicinal Weeds: Stinging Nettle

It hurts when you touch it, but stinging nettle is great for the body. Don’t banish the weed from the garden; take advantage of its many health benefits!

The Health And Medicinal Properties Of Common Garden Weeds

They are a nuisance in the garden, but many common weeds sure are good for the body! Some weeds are packed with nutrition and have many medicinal properties.