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Celebrating World Soil Day

As if December isn’t busy enough, here’s another special event worth celebrating! World Soil Day happens every year on December 5th, and we think it deserves some attention on your calendar. It’s not only about earthworms; World Soil Day strives to teach the young and old about building healthy, living soils to help sustain people and the planet!

Why Does Soil Matter?

With 95% of the world’s food coming from the soil, caring for everything below the ground is paramount. It’s simple: healthy soil, healthy food, healthy people.

Artwork by Lewis Fausak

According to the United Nations, our planet’s survival depends on the link between soil and water, which work together to create the foundation for our food-growing systems. Unfortunately, climate change and destructive human activity are putting more pressure than ever on these resources, and we need to act fast.

Our Actions Matter

Here at Garden Culture, we’re firm believers in regenerative gardening practices and have been writing about it for some time! We have plenty of articles to help you make environmentally sustainable choices. Read all about:

Any of the articles in these lists will help improve the soil in your garden, leading to nutritious crops and a healthier planet. One small step for humanity!

More Resources

In the December 2023 edition of Garden Culture Magazine, Jennifer Cole interviews Lewis Fausak, a soil expert and children’s book author. In 2021, Fausak’s book “The Beetles: A Salty Soil Adventure” won first prize in a UN book contest. You can read Jennifer’s interview in our digital magazine!

Books by Lewis Fausak

A series of books by Lewis Fausak geared towards the next generation.


If you’re thirsty for more knowledge about soil (and water), check out the resources offered by the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization. The FAO’s website features soil experiments you can do with the kids, educational videos, and various contests and challenges.

Happy World Soil Day!

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