Jennifer Cole

Invited by the Canadian Garden Council to be an ambassador for the Year of the Garden 2022, Jennifer is a garden enthusiast, writer, and alumni of Simon Fraser University. Her bylines have appeared in the opinion section of the Toronto Star, and her portfolio includes articles for Chatelaine online, Reader’s Digest, Canada’s History Magazine, and Modern Farmer magazine, among other newspapers, magazines, and websites across Canada. When not writing, you can find her visiting local garden centers or puttering, planting, and nourishing her urban garden oasis in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia.

56 Articles

The Four-Leaf Clover of Sustainable Lawns

Many homeowners spread grass seed in the fall, but we’d love for you to forgo the traditional lawn and go extra green with clover! Here’s what you need to know.

A Gardener’s Key Takeaways From One Of The Hottest Summers On Record

From heat waves and drought to severe storms, we dealt with it all this summer. One gardener shares what she learned in the hottest growing season ever.

Plant Of The Month: Fall Anemones Are A Whimsical And Lovely September Perennial

Fall Anemones are September's Plant of the Month. Discover more about Fall Anemones and how to get the most out of them now.

Diatomaceous Earth: Should You Use It In The Garden?

When critters cross a line in the garden, we want quick solutions. Is Diatomaceous Earth the answer? While some gardeners swear by it, others won’t touch it.

Corn, Beans, And Squash: How To Grow A Three Sisters Garden

It's corn season; it's time to plant a few seeds and plan a productive three sisters garden incorporating corn, beans, and squash.

Garden Ollas: An Ancient Watering Method For The Modern Gardener

They’re pretty, practical, and an ancient technique for watering plants. Ollas are an excellent eco-friendly addition to the garden; here’s how to make one.

Flower Power: What’s A CSF, And How Does It Work?

You’ve heard about a CSA, but what’s a CSF? Community Supported Flower subscriptions are taking off, and there are many reasons to get one!

Support Your Local Flower Farm During Canadian Flowers Week And Beyond

Do you know where to find flowers that were grown near you? Canadian Flowers Week is raising awareness about the importance of buying local blooms.

August Is A Month For Enjoying The Garden And Prepping For Fall

August is a gardener’s paradise! It’s time to harvest and enjoy many bright blooms. But it’s not all fun and games; preparation for the fall starts now.

Checking In? Why Insect Hotels Are Essential In Every Garden

Building an insect hotel attracts plenty of beneficial bugs to the garden. When they check in, many members of the pest population check out.

Tips And Tricks For The Perfect U-Pick Farm Experience

Are you heading out on a U-Pick adventure? Many berry farms are opening their doors to the public; here are some tips for the best picking experience!

These July Garden Tips Will Help Your Garden Thrive Throughout The Summer

July is a magical time out in the garden to enjoy the fruits of your labor! These tips will help extend the season and keep things blooming all summer.

Adding Splashes Of Color To The Garden And Containers With Impatiens

Impatiens might be small, but these flowers make a big impact! Discover how to add splashes of color to your garden with impatiens.

Purple Power: Gardens Going Mauve, Lavender, Violet, And Every Shade In Between

Planted any purple flowers in the garden this year? Purple blooms and plants are loved by bees and pollinators... Join the special movement!

Grow It, Don’t Mow It And No Mow May Aim To Create Climate-Friendly Habits

No Mow May and Grow It, Don't Mow It are two climate-friendly campaigns that aim to let the grass grow this month and beyond.