Jennifer Cole

Invited by the Canadian Garden Council to be an ambassador for the Year of the Garden 2022, Jennifer is a garden enthusiast, writer, and alumni of Simon Fraser University. Her by-lines have regularly appeared in the opinion section of the Toronto Star and her portfolio includes articles for Chatelaine online, among other newspapers, magazines and websites across Canada. When not writing her own blog or producing her gardening newsletter “The Perennial”, you can find her visiting local garden centres and puttering, planting, and nourishing her own urban garden oasis in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia.

19 Articles

Holiday Gifts For The Garden’s Busiest Workers

The gardener in your life deserves something special this holiday season, as do the pollinators! Spoil them both with this list of awesome gift ideas.

Keeping Container Plants Warm In The Winter

With urban gardening on the rise, more people are growing plants in small spaces. Follow these tips to help your container garden keep warm all winter.

November Garden Tips: Keeping The Garden Cozy And Soil Healthy

November days might be dreary, but that’s no excuse to be a couch potato! Get out into the garden and ensure she’s warm and healthy before winter sets in.

Fit To Be Carved: Finding The Perfect Pumpkin In Time For Halloween

It’s pumpkin harvest time! With Halloween around the corner, follow these tips for selecting the perfect gourd for carving, cooking, or both!

October Garden Tips: Time For Fall Gardening

Fall is a great time to work in the garden! The air is crisp, and there’s still much to do to keep your plants beautiful. Here’s October’s garden to-do list.

Nothing But Love And Appreciation: What Does Your Garden Mean To You?

Take a look at your garden; what does it mean to you? The Canadian Garden Council wants us all to share the joy and inspiration behind our growing spaces.

September Garden Tips: There’s Still Plenty To Do For Your Plants!

The dog days of summer are behind us, but there’s still so much work to do in the garden. September is a busy month, with plenty to plant, prune, and nurture.

Summer Watering 101: Tips And Tricks For A Thriving Garden

Watering the garden in the summer heat isn’t as easy as it seems. You’ve got to get those moisture levels right! Here are some tips to keep your plants healthy.

Tips And Tricks For Shopping At The Local Farmer’s Market

The local farmer’s market is a fantastic place to buy fresh produce at affordable prices! Follow these tips to make your trip fun and keep costs down.

Growing Herbs In A Spiral Guided By The Sun

Adding fresh herbs to your favorite meals boosts flavor, but they’re not always easy to grow. Follow this easy guide to building a cool herb spiral garden!

From Coast To Coast: Celebrating Canada’s Official Flowers

Happy Canada Day! Let’s celebrate out in the garden, shall we? From coast to coast, each province and territory has its own official flower. Let’s take a look!

How To Make A Vegetable Spiral Garden

If you’re short on space or want to try something new in the garden, a vegetable spiral is for you! Follow our easy guide to getting your 3-D dial growing.

Planning A Garden By The Light Of The Moon

Moon planting is a gardening technique as old as time, but it’s seeing a resurgence as people look to get back to their roots. Here’s how it works.

The Year Of The Garden Encourages Canadians To Live Their Best Garden Lives

Did you know 2022 is the Year of the Garden in Canada? The goal is to educate and encourage Canadians to learn more about growing plants with fun activities.

Planting Sunflowers For Peace In Ukraine

Sunflowers are Ukraine’s national flower; a new movement encourages gardeners to plant these beauties in support of the war-torn country. Here’s how to help.

COP15 Strives To Protect Animal and Plant Diversity, Create A Nature-Positive World

Have you heard of COP15? It’s the UN’s Convention on Biological Diversity, and it’s designed to create a nature-positive world. Read all about it here.

The Sweet Taste of Winter Vegetables

The cooler weather is on the way, but who says we have to put our gardens to bed? Follow this guide for growing sweet winter vegetables.

Pollination And Chill Keep Berries Rolling Throughout The Winter

Berry season has come and gone… or has it? Did you know you can move berry containers indoors for continued harvests throughout the winter? Here’s how to do it.

How To Grow Vegetables on a Windowsill

Are you longing for homegrown veggies but live in a small space? Urban gardening can be challenging; follow these tips for year-round harvests on a windowsill!