Jennifer Cole

Invited by the Canadian Garden Council to be an ambassador for the Year of the Garden 2022, Jennifer is a garden enthusiast, writer, and alumni of Simon Fraser University. Her by-lines have regularly appeared in the opinion section of the Toronto Star and her portfolio includes articles for Chatelaine online, among other newspapers, magazines and websites across Canada. When not writing her own blog or producing her gardening newsletter “The Perennial”, you can find her visiting local garden centres and puttering, planting, and nourishing her own urban garden oasis in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia.

33 Articles

Two Birds, One Stone: Edimental Gardens Create Beauty And Food Security

What happens when edible plants collide with ornamentals? An edimental garden, of course! We’ll tell you exactly what it is and how to build it!

Eight Trending Perennial Vegetables For 2023 And Beyond

Have you heard about the perennial vegetable trend? Get started with this ultimate growing guide on Garden Culture Magazine.

A Fresh List Of Garden Tasks As Spring Fever Sets In

Spring is here! As the days get longer and the soil warms up, it’s time to get out into the garden to prepare for the growing season ahead.

Easy Tips And Tricks For Seed Starting Success

YES! It’s time to think about starting seeds, and we’re here to answer your most-asked questions so you can jumpstart your growing season!

Clematis Lovers, Get Out Into the Garden and Get Pruning!

From one clematis love to another, Jennifer Cole offers her easy tips and tricks to identifying clematis groups and giving them an annual pruning.

Seedy Saturday Events Encourage Community And Love For All Things Seeds

Looking for Saturday plans? Consider attending or hosting a Seedy Saturday event where you can exchange seeds and learn from local gardeners.

Nutritious And Delicious Plants Ripe For Winter Foraging

The warmer seasons may be over, but winter can be a great time for foraging wild foods. Check out these top tips for finding great-tasting wild foods!

January And The Great Garden Cycle Reset

The New Year is a time for fresh beginnings; the garden has reset its cycle and is starting new. So bundle up, soak up the fresh, crisp winter air, and get a head start on spring with a few garden jobs!

Everything The Trendy Gardener Needs To Know For 2023

Who needs a crystal ball when you can find out what 2023’s hottest garden trends are right now? From climate and tech to hot colors, we’ll get you in the loop!

A Renewed Interest In Gardening As The Year Of The Garden Winds Down

What did the Canadian Garden Council’s Year of the Garden mean to you? From coast to coast, it’s been an incredible year for gardens, with plenty to celebrate.

The Unconventional And Eco-Friendly Holiday Tree

The holiday season isn’t exactly eco-friendly. But you can satisfy Mother Nature and your inner eco-elf with these alternatives to traditional Christmas trees!

December Garden Tips And The 5 P’s: Plant, Prune, Prepare, Protect, And Plan!

You might be planning a cold winter’s nap, but there’s still work to be done in the garden. This December, it’s all about the “five P’s”!

Holiday Gifts For The Garden’s Busiest Workers

The gardener in your life deserves something special this holiday season, as do the pollinators! Spoil them both with this list of awesome gift ideas.

Keeping Container Plants Warm In The Winter

With urban gardening on the rise, more people are growing plants in small spaces. Follow these tips to help your container garden keep warm all winter.

November Garden Tips: Keeping The Garden Cozy And Soil Healthy

November days might be dreary, but that’s no excuse to be a couch potato! Get out into the garden and ensure she’s warm and healthy before winter sets in.

Fit To Be Carved: Finding The Perfect Pumpkin In Time For Halloween

It’s pumpkin harvest time! With Halloween around the corner, follow these tips for selecting the perfect gourd for carving, cooking, or both!

October Garden Tips: Time For Fall Gardening

Fall is a great time to work in the garden! The air is crisp, and there’s still much to do to keep your plants beautiful. Here’s October’s garden to-do list.

Nothing But Love And Appreciation: What Does Your Garden Mean To You?

Take a look at your garden; what does it mean to you? The Canadian Garden Council wants us all to share the joy and inspiration behind our growing spaces.