Jennifer Cole

Invited by the Canadian Garden Council to be an ambassador for the Year of the Garden 2022, Jennifer is a garden enthusiast, writer, and alumni of Simon Fraser University. Her bylines have appeared in the opinion section of the Toronto Star, and her portfolio includes articles for Chatelaine online, Reader’s Digest, Canada’s History Magazine, and Modern Farmer magazine, among other newspapers, magazines, and websites across Canada. When not writing, you can find her visiting local garden centers or puttering, planting, and nourishing her urban garden oasis in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia.

87 Articles

Plant of the Month: Goldenrod Is More Than Just A Weed

Goldenrod is more than just a weed! This native beauty deserves a spot in your garden because it creates biodiversity and supports pollinators.

Pollinator Flowers: Why Choose an Orange Bloom

Trends come and go, but pollinator gardens are here to stay! You might notice a lot of orange popping up in gardens near you; we’ll tell you why.

Sacrificial Plants To Help Your Edible Garden Grow

What sacrificial plants are you adding to your garden this year? Check out our list of ultimate companions to keep hungry bugs away from your edible crops.

Plant of the Month: Why Eco-Conscious Gardeners Love Delphiniums

Delphiniums are hardy perennials that love June’s cool air. Pollinators adore them; read on for other reasons why you should grow them in your garden!

The Forgetful Grower: Never Lose Your Garden Tools Again!

Are you tired of wasting time searching for misplaced tools in the garden? You’re not alone. Jennifer Cole has some tips for keeping track of them.

Plant of the Month: The Peach-Leaved Bellflower

The peach-leaved bellflower is perfect for a cottage garden. This stunning bloom offers a touch of whimsy to a space and attracts droves of pollinators.

The Backyard Harvest: Foraging for Wild, Edible Greens

Foraging for wild foods is good for the body and the budget! It can be as easy as picking dandelions for a salad. Check out our guide to foraging wild greens.

Plant of the Month: Candytuft Blooms in April and Offers Early Season Food for Pollinators

Candytuft is a gorgeous cascading plant that blooms early, offering pollinators food before other garden flowers. That’s why it’s our plant of the month.

Boosting Food Sovereignty And Community Growth With Food Forests

It’s small-scale food production following permaculture practices and can be done almost anywhere. Jennifer Cole explains the many benefits of food forests.

Bare Root Plants Are Perfect For Gardening On A Budget

We’re all about gardening on a budget, and bare root plants are an awesome way to do that, especially if you plan to grow a mini food forest!

Plant of the Month: Daffodils Are A Sure Sign Of Spring

Have you spotted the daffodils popping up in your garden? Our plant of the month is a sure sign of spring; Jennifer Cole tells us all about them.

Taking Notes: Journals Are Essential To Thriving Gardens

No two gardens are the same, so a journal is handy! As we prepare for another growing season, Jennifer Cole offers tips on what to note for healthier plants.

Starting Seeds With Soil Blocks Is Plastic-Free And Easy To Do

Forget plastic seed starting pots and trays this growing season; try soil blocking! DIY soil blocks are easy and offer the perfect starter home for seeds.

What To Do When Plants Forget To Sleep During A Mild Winter

A mild winter causes challenges in the garden when plants forget to sleep and bloom early. Jennifer Cole offers tips for managing garden mood swings.

Tiger Nuts: A Homegrown, Climate-Friendly Superstar

Want to know a secret? ‘Tiger nuts’ is one of the most-searched terms on GC’s website! So we dug deeper and learned more about this climate-friendly superfood.

Plant Of The Month: Witch Hazel Is A Perfect Addition To Biodiverse Gardens

Witch hazel is known for its medicinal properties, but it’s also excellent for creating biodiversity in the garden. Jennifer Cole offers some growing tips.

The Gardener’s Forecast: Almanacs, Weather Stations, or Groundhogs?

Do you depend on a groundhog to predict plant dates for your spring garden? If Punxsutawney Phil isn’t your go-to, plenty of reliable sources can help you plan!

Plant of the Month: When the Primroses Bloom, Spring is Just Around the Corner

You might notice primrose selling fast at nurseries or blooming in the garden! This cheerful beauty signals that spring and another growing season are near.

Squirrels Driving You Nuts? 7 Ways To Keep Them Out Of The Garden

National Squirrel Day was January 21st, a weird thing to celebrate considering they cause so many issues in the garden. Follow these tips to keep them out!

Winter Watering 101: Plants Undercover Still Need Moisture!

While Mother Nature cares for gardens throughout the winter with rain and snow, container plants left undercover still need water! Here’s how to do it.