Safe And Humane Ways To Keep Animals Out Of The Garden

Many gardeners are lucky enough to look out the window and see wild animals like deer, rabbits, or wild turkeys on their lawns. However, that also means we can look outside any day and see wild animals chowing down in the garden. Here are some simple – and safe – ways to keep our wild friends away from our beloved crops.


Deer and other such animals can’t chew up your garden if they can’t get into it, right? What better way to keep them on the outside looking in than with a fence? Make it at least 8 feet tall to keep out deer, and for smaller animals like cats and rabbits, use wire mesh for at least the first few feet.

Also, dogs like to dig. I’ve seen people suggest bending the base of the fence to form a 2-foot-long cover to deter Rover from digging up the fence.

Hot Pepper Spray

Animals might not seem like picky eaters when they’re chewing up everything in your garden. But it turns out many of them are – especially regarding their condiments. Like me, they don’t like things too spicy!

Spray a little hot pepper sauce on your plants weekly (and after rainstorms), and the next time Peter Rabbit comes by for lunch, he’ll take one sniff and head off to the milder garden down the road. The spicey spray should also keep deer and squirrels away and many unwanted insects.

You can find various simple recipes for the spray online. And also, please remember, this stuff is HOT! Keep it off your skin and out of your eyes, and wash your hands!


No, I’m not suggesting you have an extra cup of your morning coffee and head out to the garden. I’m talking predator urine. If your garden smells like an animal that other animals are scared of, then those animals will stay away.

Have a problem with deer? Get some coyote urine. Wanna keep squirrels and skunks away? You need fox pee. What about keeping foxes out of your plants (or chicken coup)? For that, you’ll need urine from either wolf or mountain lions.

It sounds good, but where will you get all this animal pee? Well, there’s a whole predator urine industry, and you can buy the repellents at some garden centers and online.

Noise And Food

Like some of us are more likely to avoid the loud, ruckus restaurant and choose the quieter eatery across the street, lots of noise also deters some animals. The most common noise-making device is wind chimes, but some swear by playing top 40 radio 24/7.

Another option is to provide the animals with another, more appealing food source. Anyone who’s ever put up a bird feeder knows they should be called squirrel feeders, given who eats more food. Well, if you’re having a problem with squirrels or birds in your garden – why not set up some bird feeders around the perimeter? It’s an easy, delicious meal alternative.

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