Nico Hill

After many years as a hobby, I began my career in Hydroponics working for Aquaculture in Sheffield, the UK's largest and most forward-thinking grow shops of the time. From there I began to work for Hydromag, responsible for the hydroponic content. Most notably, the product tests and comparisons, breaking ground in the industry and cutting through marketing hyperbole by showing consumers exactly how products stacked up against each other. From there I worked with CANNA, as editor of CANNAtalk, author of the research articles and delivering seminars throughout the UK to grow shops on the finer details of cultivating in a hydroponic environment. I'm currently writing for a number of companies in the hydroponic industry, of course, the most important of all being the powerhouse publication that is, Garden Culture.

12 Articles

Growing Guide: How To Harden Off Your Plants

One of the most crucial roles you play as a grower is hardening off your plants. If done properly, you’ll be well on your way to a successful harvest!

The Adventures Of Seed Priming

Did you know you can give your seeds a major advantage before they’ve even germinated? Give seed priming a try and we promise you won’t be disappointed!

Korean Natural Farming: Seed Soak Solution

The early stages of life are crucial, even for seeds! Give them a boost by soaking them in a homemade solution, courtesy of Korean Natural Farming.

Merging Hydroponics With Organics In Korean Natural Farming

Growers searching for control, efficiency, and superior quality can combine both hydroponic and organic practices. Courtesy of Korean Natural Farming.

Korean Natural Farming: DIY Herbal Remedy For Plants

Boost plant performance with this DIY organic herbal nutrient, courtesy of Korean Natural Farming. Create a potent tincture using five natural herbs.

Korean Natural Farming: DIY Water-Soluble Organic Nutrients

Why spend a ton of money on organic nutrients when you can make your own water-soluble goodies at home? Recipe courtesy of Korean Natural Farming.

The Fundamentalists Of Korean Natural Farming

The KNF movement is taking off around the world, all thanks to a few key people who prove just how successful this growing technique can be.

Korean Natural Farming: DIY Organic Growing Inputs

The key to healthy plants is healthy soil; treat it right, enjoy abundant yields! Make your own organic growing inputs, courtesy of Korean Natural Farming.

Korean Natural Farming: Feed Ferment To Your Plants

Fermenting organic material can give our beloved plants a significant nutritional boost. Widely used in Korean Natural Farming, we’ll show you how to do it.

Korean Natural Farming: Master Cho Biography

Many growers will be forever grateful to Master Cho; he introduced us to Korean Natural Farming, teaching us to work with nature rather than against it.

A Guide To Korean Natural Farming

Your plants will love Korean Natural Farming! The organic gardening method boosts bacterial and fungal soil life using all-natural inputs from the environment.