Regi Oneton is a multi-disciplinary artist and daytime Executive. A member of Socan since his first Album release at the age of 20. Self-taught audio engineer and self-proclaimed studio rat. A late-blooming street artist and painter whose works can be found hanging in the offices of Burton and Vans Canada. Long-time contributor to the Under Pressure Graffiti Festival and lover of the Arts. As the years plow forward, he has added botanical enthusiast/plant father to his litany of passions. His interests include writing and spending too much time looking at his phone.

3 Articles

Garden Therapy: Stop And Smell The Roses For Better Mental Health

These are challenging times and feeling anxious is a natural response to what’s going on today. Working in the garden and growing something is the best therapy!

My Fascination with Germination: A Grower Shares Some Tips And Tricks

It’s that time of year again (spring!) and our fascination with germination is kicking in strong! One grower shares his tips and tricks for sprouting seeds.

The Catalyst for My Botanical Obsession

What’s a guy to do when he’s locked up with nowhere to go? Become a hobby gardener, of course! Here’s how a love for cannabis created a passion for growing.